Disney’s Hollywood Studios Construction Update – Star Wars, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Skyliner and More

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Today we’re checking back into construction central, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where things are still very much in flux, even after Toy Story Land has opened. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is starting to come together, with themed rockwork and elements now visible from guest areas. There are work walls around the Chinese Theater while minor facade and queue work is going on for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. The concrete area where the Star Wars daytime shows happen is being worked on as well, so there are not any shows in that area currently.

The Skyliner station is looking more and more complete by the day, and entirely new bus stations in the parking lot are taking shape. It’s somewhat of a nightmare working your way from your parking spot to the park entrance, so hopefully the work will be completed soon. Plus, minor projects and changes can be seen around the park, including a refurbishment to Tatooine Traders, new Pixar and Toy Story products taking over Sweet Spells and Reel Vogue, and Disney Junior Live is closed to bring in a new show. Check out the extensive photo report below for more details and stay tuned for more theme park news and updates coming soon!

Welcome to Hollywood Studios! This picture epitomizes your day here

After parking this is the first thing you may see today

Skyliner supports cross through the middle of the parking lot

After being dropped off by the parking tram, you still have a lonnng way to walk

A long walk to the park entrance

Concept art for coming attractions line the work walls

Parts of the parking lot being worked on in front of the park, including the tram stop and old bus loop

Don’t get lost on your way in!

A look at the back of the Skyliner station

The front of the Skyliner station

New bus loops being constructed in their new location near the water

New bus loops with Tower of Terror in the background

Soda machines with the dancers on them removed, and bathrooms walled off

Bag check area expanded with temporary tables

Bag checks actually moving very quickly thanks to this extensive temporary addition

Finally, we made it into the park!

The Chinese Theater framed by plant walls instead of the outdoor mobile stage

Without a mobile stage the outdoor Star Wars shows are not currently running

Plants on the backside of the area blocking view of work being done

A peak through a gap in the bushes as the concrete work being done in the plaza

Moving on…

Signs for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway coming to the Chinese Theater next year

Work walls up around entrance facade and extended queue area

New sign hooks have been installed above the doors

Close view of new hooks above entrance

Queue entrance seen behind walls on right

More than half of the hand prints are unavailable at this time to guests

A look at the old ride exit behind walls as well

Looks like some painting was going on here

Photo op for the new ride near the exit on left side

Walls up around small section between Grand Avenue and Tatooine Traders

Trees that were planted just last year have been removed to help add more walking path

Walls butt up against entrance to Tatooine Traders

Interior of Tatooine Traders is being refurbished, this side is already complete

The opposite side is now behind walls

Top part of this wall has been cut down

Newly refreshed themed wall

DJ Rex in da house! One of the first pieces of Galaxy’s Edge apparel available

Registers have been moved to the opposite side of the store, for better foot traffic from ride exit

High scale items available behind counter

Build-a-lightsaber is back, now against the wall

Stopping in at PizzeRizzo, which is reportedly going seasonal beginning next week

You may not be a fan, but I actually really like the veggie pizza!

Goodbye, old friend. Hopefully unlike Stitch, going seasonal does not mean the end for PizzeRizzo

The Studio 1 store is finally back open after refurbishment

Despite what the sign on the door still says, there is not any Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise inside

Inside they now offer Muppets…

And Disney Art merchandise

The store is themed like a nursery set

There are oversized doors

And a large window

Despite being themed like a Muppet nursery, you cannot find Muppet Babies merchandise here

A cart on Grand Avenue is selling Muppet Babies plush though

Also on Grand Avenue is the future entrance to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

If you look very carefully you can spot some spires in the distance

The new land is rumored to be opening late 2019

Also on Grand Avenue we can see a temporary stairway installed at the back of the Mickey Mouse ride building

Toy Story Land opened over the summer

The new area is very popular

Slinky Dog Dash

New entrance to Toy Story Mania, through what used to be the back of the building

Alien Swirling Saucers

The back of Andy’s backyard offers a great view of Star Wars construction

Large rockwork rising above the land

Giant hollow tree trunk spire, that gives the village its name: “Black Spire Outpost”

A ship that has landed at the outpost

Round structure

Quick glimpse at some of the lower rockwork being added

Various layers of rockwork, buildings and themed elements coming together to create a cohesive look

Trees planted along berm on right side of gates

One last look before moving on

Just outside of Toy Story Land, walls are up near the former Pixar Place entrance

This area will host a new Incredibles meet and greet space starting next year

Poor Joffrey’s Coffee is hidden away in the corner, but still open during construction

These walls up behind Chinese Theater facade area

Checking in on Walt Disney Presents, The Nutcracker has a preview playing

The film preview is 12 minutes long

Some costumes from the film are on display in the lobby area

There is no meet and greet where Star Lord and Baby Groot were meeting previously

The Star Wars model has been moved to the larger case where Toy Story Land was. It is still only a small section of the Galaxy’s Edge model however

New Millennium Falcon model on display, which will be one of the two rides at the new land

Resistance Intersystem Transport Ship will be featured in the other attraction, as a way to move guests from Black Spire Outpost on Batuu to the Star Destroyer in space for the battle escape ride (kind of like a preshow that’s a simulated transport to space first, at least that’s the rumor anyway.)

AT-AT Walker in place where Galaxy’s Edge model section was originally. The AT-ATs will also be featured on the battle escape attraction

No changes to the Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway exhibit

Moving on, the Disney Junior soundstage has been painted blue to match Rock ‘n Roller Coaster. Gone are the painted clouds behind The Brown Derby Restaurant

Newly painted soundstage, now missing soundstage number

Nearly all of the stages are now missing stage number signs, ending the “Studios” part of Hollywood Studios

Former entrance to Disney Junior closed off

Hole in the wall where entrance facade and signage was connected

Advert poster frames empty for painting

Disney Junior Live on Stage will be returning with an all-new dance show December 22nd

The new show’s entrance has been moved to the left near Launch Bay, freeing up the middle of the area for meet and greets

Newly relocated show entrance

Over at Sunset Blvd, Christmas decorations are already starting to go up!

Stars can be seen up and down the street

The Sweet Spells bakery is back open, but is now a Toy Story store

The bakery case with freshly baked woopie pies is all gone. You can still get the carrot cake cookie and Butterfinger Cupcake at Starbucks across the path, but everything else is gone

You can find Toy Story and Toy Story Land merchandise here

Luckily candy and snacks survived the store change!

You can find candy in the middle between the two shops

Reel Vogue has also received a makeover, and no longer focuses on Disney villain merchandise

Now the store is all Pixar related merchandise

How do you like the change, darling? It’s all about synergy.

That’s all for this Hollywood Studios update! Let us know what you think of all these changes in the comments

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