Disney’s Hollywood Studios Update: Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land Construction, Plus PizzeRizzo Now Open

Land is still being cleared for Star Wars over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the flat New York skyline facades are completely gone now. Toy Story Land is coming along now that all the pavement has been removed, the entire production tour building has been removed and the old Streets of America city hall is gone. PizzeRizzo, the new Muppets themed pizza restaurant is now open in Muppets Courtyard, replacing the old Pizza Planet restaurant. The new re-skin includes cute funny nods to the Muppets throughout, but otherwise hardly adds to the park’s overall (muddled) atmosphere. And I checked out the new Rogue One props and costumes on display in the Preview Gallery at the Star Wars Launch Bay. See the video and photos below for more information and stay tuned for more theme park updates!

Construction Updates

Welcome to Hollywood Studios in December!

Tower of Terror

Welcome to Pixar Studios… This street will close when Toy Story Land opens

The street currently ends in a dead end

More of Streets of America missing

City Hall building gone

Production Tour warehouse building structure completely removed

Overall concept art on work walls

Concept art of new spinner ride

A look over the walls. All concrete removed

Trees in crates placed behind work walls

Pipes and concrete reinforcements being installed

Ground being dug out for Slinky Coaster

Lots of activity seen over work walls today

PizzeRizzo now listed on directory signs

Miss Piggy fountain…

Muppets fountain is now a planter… unfortunately.

No water. Just plants.

The wait is over. Your rat restaurant is now open!

Welcome to PizzeRizzo. New York style pizza in the heart of Los Angeles!

I love this sign. Feels so 1980s to me

Front entrance

People pouring in

Real classy joint

Heckler brand tomatoes

(The Best) PIZZA (on the) PLANET

How cheesy


The food lines haven’t changed much

Full Menu

If you don’t see it on the menu, neither will we

First Dollar plaque

Fun stuff on the walls

Rizzo in in Italy!

Inside the restaurant

Second floor dining

Outdoor balcony seating

“Classy” banquet hall with party atmosphere

Muppet community board

Sounds hilarious

I’d hire him

That’s a lot of rats

This joint was classy… in 1989

Themed trash cans!

PizzeRizzo flags

Muppet themed bathrooms

Royal Flush

Executives have used these. How fancy.

Welcome to the land of walls! Future home of Star Wars Land

Phineas and Ferb meet and greet walls still there

Building a galaxy far far away

Last remnants of Streets of America

Flat New York facades now completely gone

How it looked last update

How it looks now

More work walls near Sci-Fi Diner

The Writer’s Stop coffee shop now closed

Backside of last Streets of America buildings left

I wonder why these are taking so long to take down

View of the last buildings from front

Rubble from old Streets of America streets

Stormtroopers keeping the peace near Launch Bay

Death Star in the Launch Bay logo for Rogue One release

Preview Gallery updated for Rogue One

Jyn Erso poster

Jyn Erso cap and goggles

Cassian Andor Blaster


Shoretrooper Uniform

Shoretrooper Blaster

Death Star model

Original artwork for sale on the way out. That’s all for now!

swthemedland_thumb2That’s all for this update. See all Hollywood Studios updates here and subscribe to the feed for more continual updates!

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