Hollywood Studios Update: Christmas at Echo Lake, Star Wars & Toy Story Construction, Grand Avenue and More

Time to check in on the park with the most going on right now, Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge construction has shifted into high gear, with the massive show building for the battle escape attraction actually getting even more massive since our last visit. The new Grand Avenue area is open and we can see the Southern California style tunnel to Star Wars really taking shape. Speaking of Grand Avenue, we took a quick look around the new BaseLine Tap House which also opened with the new area. The old path from Star Tours to Muppet*Vision has been closed off to guests and Grand Avenue is now the only way to get to that section of the park.

The future entrance to Toy Story Land is much bigger now that the pesky soundstage has been demolished. We got a good look at all the new models at Walt Disney Presents, formerly known as One Man’s Dream. In addition to the models for Toy Story Land and Star Wars, some of the classic models have returned as well including Spaceship Earth and the Tower of Terror. There’s an exhibit for the new Mickey Mouse ride taking over the former location of The Great Movie Ride as well. And finally, the park is alive with the sounds and sights of Christmas, including all new decorations in Echo Lake. Check out the video as well as extensive photo report below and stay tuned for more theme park updates coming soon!

Photo Update

Christmas at the Studios

Decorations up for Sunshine Season’s Greetings

Control boxes visible to control lighting with the show

Billboards have been replaced with LED signs for the new show

Echo Lake is decorated in a new way for Christmas this year

Santa Gertie!

This Christmas tree used to be placed outside the park near security check, now in middle of Echo Lake

Love the decorated umbrellas too

Santa seen on the Firehouse by PizzeRizzo

Grand Avenue & BaseLine Tap House

The original path between Star Tours and Muppets has been closed off entirely

New vegetation has been planted in an attempt to block view of Tatooine Traders from Grand Ave.

Work continuing on walls on left side of Grand Avenue

View of Grand Avenue, with future entrance to Star Wars straight ahead

BaseLine Tap House now open in the old Writers Stop location

This bar has a beautiful exterior courtyard

Mural on a new wall that enclosed the remaining Streets of America facades

It’s BEER O’Clock

HOP on in!

WINE a little

Taking a look around inside the Tap House

Door leading to Sci-Fi Dine In Restaurant lobby

Themed decor on the walls

BaseLine Tap House is themed like a defunct printing company warehouse

Shared bar seating area around the big tree outside

Looking back at the updated facades of Grand Avenue

Traffic and outdoor sound effects being played through an open window

Work walls up at end of Grand Ave for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars/Muppets Area Construction

The future entrance to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Inside the tunnel currently

The view from above at the PizzeRizzo balcony

Dirt being piled up to create hills above tunnel

Overview of the area

Looking towards Muppet area from end of Grand Avenue street

Muppets fountain still behind walls

Work walls pushed out behind Muppets near Mama Melrose’s

In the distance Star Wars construction can be seen

The show building for the Battle Escape attraction has gotten much MUCH bigger

Towers being constructed for Star Wars

Steel beams in shape of walls of an Imperial hangar can be seen inside

New wooden beams seen behind work walls

Taking a peak at Star Wars from behind Toy Story Mania

Berm being constructed to block view of Toy Story Land from Star Wars

One last look at the Star Wars towers before we move on

Toy Story Land Update

Looking back from Pixar Place

All that remains of the small soundstage next door to One Man’s Dream

Looking to the future entrance to Toy Story Land

On left side of the new land’s entrance the catwalk walkway has been completely demolished

Right side of the area features concept art. One Man’s Dream on the right

Walt Disney Presents New Exhibits

One Man’s Dream received a new marquee

One Man’s Dream has been renamed to Walt Disney Presents

New updated California Adventure exhibit inside

Overseas Disney parks exhibit

New updated Florida Project display

Classic models have returned to display

Toy Story Land Model

Impressive Toy Story Land model on display

What the entrance to Toy Story Land will look like

Slinky Dog concept art

Slinky Dog Dash ride vehicle maquette

Bridge to Slinky Dog Entrance. Test seat seen on top-right

Slinky Dog Dash ride building and entrance

Alien Swirling Saucers ride vehicle maquette

Alien Swirling Saucers show building

Entrance to Alien Swirling Saucers

Toy Story Mania entrance being moved to back of building to face new land

Ride exit being routed behind building

Woody’s Lunch Box quick service location

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Model

A small section of the Star Wars model is on display

The model was done in large scale, so even this small section is pretty darn big!

A flickering light can be seen inside the large round building

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Exhibit for the new Mickey Ride

Concept art with Mickey and Minnie in a car

Imagineer creating maquette of the car

Imagineer working on 2.5 D graphics for the attraction

There are still frames from the cartoon to give you an idea of the style

The Chinese Theater facade and courtyard still open after closing Great Movie Ride

Posters for the new attraction hung up out front

Sign on the building door

Sign at the exterior queue entrance

Some work walls out by the old ride exit

That’s all for this update! Be sure to check out the video for more details and stay tuned for more.

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    When will the Indy stunt show and Pith of the Jedi close?, Walt Disney Presents needs to stop playing movie previews and not the Walt Disney film. Indy Stunt Show was supposed to close instead of TGMR, it doesn’t deserve to be the oldest living attraction at Hollywood Studios

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