Hollywood Studios Update: Star Wars Land Vertical Construction, Toy Story Land Walls, Baby Groot and More

It’s time to check in on our favorite hot mess, Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The poor park is covered in work walls everywhere you look, but it’s trying its best. The new Disney-Pixar LIVE show opened over the weekend, featuring a live orchestra playing the score to some of your favorite films while you watch the scenes. It’s nice to have something new here to try. There’s a new temporary meet and greet set up for Star-Lord and baby Groot inside One Man’s Dream also going on now.

We’re finally seeing some action with steel going up for one of the two new rides of Star Wars land. Work continues on constructing a complex berm and tunnel entrance to the area, but this is the first bit of vertical construction we’ve seen from within the land itself. Over at Toy Story Land, new colorful work walls adorned with Toy Story characters have gone up, as well as lots of scrims while they begin to demolish some buildings! Check out the video and photo report below for all the details on the progress of these projects. And stay tuned for more theme park news and updates!


Photo Update

Welcome to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, on a really hot day!

Love the billboards around the park

Of course this one’s the best!

All directory boards have been changed from red to green. Looks classy

Oh, hi there.

Looking towards Sci-Fi Dine In

Old Writer’s Stop all covered in scrims. Hopefully we get a new lounge here

Remaining Streets of America structures being enclosed to make a new real building inside

Looking towards the future entrance to Star Wars land

A wall and intricate berm is being created so as you enter there’s a grand reveal, and you’re immersed in the land without visual intrusions from the outside world

Closer view of the walls going up to block Star Wars

This old Streets of America facade is being redressed and turned into a real building, just outside of Star Wars, possibly a Club 33 location?

Test paint color swatches have appeared on the facade

The view from Muppets Courtyard

The view from PizzeRizzo balcony

Workers building the “bones” for the Star Wars entrance

Star walls

Work site equipment and supplies

One last look before moving on

Taking a look behind Muppets

No change for these old buildings

The old Phineas and Ferb meet and greet still here, looking messy

What’s this in the distance? Could it be? Are my eyes deceiving me?

We have actual vertical construction on a Star Wars ride’s show building!

Here’s the view from the other side, on World Drive’s parking entrance

Looks to me that this could be the start of the battle attraction’s show building, where the AT-ATs were seen in Disneyland’s version a few months ago

Next, we’re taking a look at some new exhibits inside One Man’s Dream

To promote the new film, Star-Lord and baby Groot are meeting guests

Entrance is at the very end of One Man’s Dream

We all know who the real star is here

They banter while I watch

My awkward self with the pair

Also happening inside One Man’s Dream, a preview for Cars 3

And Cars 3 concept art is on display as well

For a limited time you can also purchase a baby Groot sipper cup with any soft drink around the park

Heading now over to check on Toy Story construction

Colorful new themed work walls have shown up, featuring Toy Story characters

The future entrance to Toy Story Land needs to be widened

Lots of buildings are being removed or lessened, and are covered in scrims

This old catwalk from the studio production tour’s walking segment is being removed

This will open up the walkway to Toy Story Land a bit

The building to the right of the new land’s entrance is also being removed

This barely used building was used for the Jack Sparrow experience a few years ago

Concept art on the work walls in front of this doomed structure

One Man’s Dream should remain unaffected by this demolition

Let’s head back into Pixar Place to check on the dead end situation

The work walls have been pushed in quite a bit since my last visit

Walls now right up against Toy Story Mania building

View of the left side, with Cast Member backstage entrance

Toy Story replaced with Star Wars on these walls, which makes sense since that’s what’s behind them

Big ‘ol pile of dirt for berm to separate the lands coming along

If you look closely you can see the new steel in Star Wars land

A better look at the new steel rising in the distance

Definitely some big things coming up behind these walls. Cannot wait for 2019!

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