SeaWorld Orlando Update: Infinity Falls Raft Ride Construction, Kraken Unleashed, and Dolphin Nursery

It’s walls walls walls at SeaWorld Orlando! The new Dolphin Nursery is still under construction, scheduled to re-open later this summer, equipped with new see-through walls for more easy viewing of the dolphins. Walls are up around Kraken as it’s being converted to a virtual reality coaster with the new name Kraken Unleashed. The entrance is being re-themed as well and the eel-like Kraken will be replaced by a new, more traditional squid-like version. And finally, work walls have gone up around the entire Sea Garden and Terrace area to make way for the new revolutionary raft ride, Infinity Falls, opening in the summer of 2018.

Also going on at SeaWorld Orlando, the long-running dolphin show “Blue Horizons” has ended and “Dolphin Days” is now running in its place. Journey to Atlantis has reopened after a several month long refurbishment. And the Seven Seas Food Festival is still running for a couple more weeks until May 13th. Check out the video and photo update below for more details and stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Photo Update

A beautiful day to visit SeaWorld Orlando!

Kraken is closed, and this sign out front is letting people know

Our first set of work walls are around the Dolphin Nursery, currently being rebuilt

The newly refreshed nursery is scheduled to open this summer

It’s hard to tell what’s being changed behind the walls

Metal infrastructure looks to be cleaned up

Walls are out pretty far on this side

View from the waterfront side

Logo still visible

Dolphin Nursery concept art, featuring new see-through walls for better viewing

One last look at the area from afar before moving on

New Dolphin Days show has replaced Blue Horizons

Journey to Atlantis has re-opened after a long refurbishment

Minor touch up painting near Atlantis

Walls are up around Kraken as it’s being transformed into Kraken Unleashed

The entrance decor is being rethemed to match the new version

Thee eel version of the Kraken will be replaced with a new squid version

Large crane in the area

Work going on at the lift hill

Sensors being used on the track to synchronize VR experience

Gift shop and area games also closed currently

One final look at the eel Kraken before moving on

Construction walls are up for Infinity Falls, the new raft ride coming summer 2018

The walls are all around the Sea Garden

The Animal Ambassador area is not behind walls though

The ambassador’s building will not be changed or removed (former horse stables)

Walls are also up around the Terrace building (former Hospitality House)

The Terrace building will remain, but restaurant and pass member lounge will be closed during construction

Image of the building from our last update

This will be the view on left side of this bridge

A long wall of walls

Looks like demolition has not yet begun, this is the Terrace sign, still standing

Picture from our last update of sign

How it looks now

Infinity Falls… More like Infinity WALLS! Amirite?

The view across the path

The walls go all the way up to the next area

The walls here are blocking a scenic water feature that will be filled in and used for the new ride’s footprint

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