Chip & Dale’s Christmas Tree Spree 2018 Prizes and Scavenger Hunt Locations – Epcot Festival of the Holidays

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It’s time for the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays, and if you’re like me, that means it’s time to get excited for another fun scavenger hunt around World Showcase! The Chip & Dale’s Christmas Tree Spree has us searching for all the different ornaments that Chip and Dale have lost in each of the 11 nations around World Showcase.

To participate in Chip & Dale’s Christmas Tree Spree you have to purchase a map and stickers set from Pin Central, Disney Traders, World Traveler, or other select gift shops. They cost $6.99 plus tax per set. Once you find Chip and Dale’s ornament wreaths in all 11 pavilions you can redeem your completed map for one of three different Christmas card sets. See the prizes and full list of hunt locations below!

A look at this year’s prize selection, 3 different styles of Christmas cards

Each prize pack includes 4 matching Christmas cards with envelopes.

Each prize pack includes 4 matching Christmas cards with envelopes

Inside the card is a place to write your custom message on one side, and a punch-out tree ornament on the other.

When put together, the Chip & Dale and Figment ornaments create a 3D Spaceship Earth, whereas the Mickey & Minnie ornament is a flat oval shape.

A look at the map for this year’s scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt spoilers from this point forward:

We’re showing you exactly where every Chip & Dale wreath is hiding in World Showcase, in order from left to right, around the world. Happy hunting!


Head inside the pavilion’s pyramid and go beyond the entryway exhibit. Go down the ramp on the right side and you find the wreath on a balcony second story, just to the right of the Tequila bar.

Enter the pyramid

Hidden to the right of Tequila bar

This is the ornament you’re looking for


Head into The Fjording, and find the room with the giant Troll figure. The wreath is hidden up high, just to the right of the troll.

Enter The Fjording gift shop

Look up, right of Troll

Norway’s wreath


This one is a bit harder than most, because it is not in a shop this year! Head to the back of the pavilion, towards the exit gift shop for the show. Before you make it to the end of the road, you’ll find the wreath on a second story balcony on your right.

Head towards back of road

Look up on the right

China’s wreath


Head into the store on the right side of the pavilion called Der Teddybär Toy Shop. After walking in you’ll find the wreath behind you, above the entry door you just entered.

Head into Der Teddybär Toy Shop

Look above the door

Germany’s is the bear ornament


Head to the very right side of the pavilion, at the very edge. You’ll find the wreath above the backdoor to the gift shop on the right, facing American Adventure.

All the way on the right

Look above the back door

Italy’s wreath

The American Adventure

UPDATE: This wreath has been moved to the Kidcot spot since our last visit. Thanks to the commenters for letting us know! Old location listed below.

Head into the American Adventure show theater lobby. Walk all the way into the rotunda in center of lobby and you’ll find the wreath behind you hanging from the second story balcony.

Enter The American Adventure lobby

Look up while standing in middle

Candle is American Adventure’s ornament


Head the very back of the pavilion and enter the shop entrance at the back of the land. Go to your right, and you’ll find the wreath on the right wall above the dishes.

Head all the way to back

Go to right inside shop

Japan’s ornament is the folding fan


Walk into the pavilion area, after passing the fountain turn left into the Fez House. You’ll find the wreath up high inside this area.

Enter Fez House on left side

Look up

Morocco’s wreath


Find the French bakery, near the back-left part of the pavilion. The wreath can be found above the center door.

Head to Les Halles bakery

Look above the center door

Wreath in France

United Kingdom

Find the breezeway between the two shops on the right side of the pavilion named “The Toy Soldier” and “Crown & Crest”. The wreath can be found just to the right of this door to Crown & Crest.

Find this entry on right side of pavilion

Look inside on the right

The ornament for United Kingdom is fittingly the Christmas cracker


Head into the Northwest Mercantile, through the first entrance on your left inside the pavilion. You’ll find the wreath on your left, on the same wall as the door your entered.

Enter Northwest Mercantile under this sign

Look to your left after entering

Canada’s ornament is the deer

Hope you had fun finding Chip & Dale in all of the pavilions! Be sure to check out our Complete Guide to the 2018 Epcot International Festival of the Holidays for full food menus and entertainment lineup and stay tuned for more theme park news coming soon.

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  • Heather Potwin


    The American Adventure wreath has been moved!

    • Alicia Stella

      Oh no! Do you know where it has been moved to?

  • Sarah


    It’s in the kidcot fun shop

  • Poz


    I would’ve never seen all the shops and knew what was in Epcot without this game. So MANY great shops and merch

  • Jen


    The scavenger hunt is fun, but my daughter was disappointed when she was handed a pack of cards at the end rather than a pin like in previous hunts. The cast member just handed her a pack, didn’t even give her a choice, so we ended up with Figment cards.

    I really don’t get this decision to change the prize. Not many kids get excited about Christmas cards.

  • Epcot2018


    Thank you for these spoilers – very handy clues for parents of young kids!! The cast members do NOT help.

    • Alicia Stella

      You’re very welcome! We try to do one for all the Epcot scavenger hunts now, glad you found it helpful.

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