Figment’s Brush with the Masters 2019 Prizes and Scavenger Hunt Locations

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It’s time for the Epcot International Festival of the Arts! And that means Figment has returned for another scavenger hunt around World Showcase! The mischievous little dragon is hiding in popular paintings and it’s our job to find them all.

To participate in Figment’s Brush with the Masters you have to purchase a map and stickers set from Pin Central, Disney Traders, or World Traveler. They cost $6.99 plus tax per set. Once you find all 11 portraits you can redeem your completed map for one of three different festival themed activity books.

A look at the three activity book prizes available

Each activity book includes coloring pages and stickers!

Scavenger hunt spoilers from this point forward:

We’re showing you exactly where every Figment painting is in World Showcase, in order from left to right, around the world. Remember we’re looking for paintings with the golden frame featuring a Figment head at the bottom, one in each nation. Happy hunting!


Head inside the huge pyramid through the door on the left side. Turn left and look on the front wall. You’ll find the Figment painting right there.

Head in the left door of the pyramid

Painting is on the left

Painting inspired by Johann Moritz Rugendas’s Landscape Near the Volcano Colina at Tolina


Head into The Fjording, the exit gift shop for Frozen Ever After, and you’ll find the painting on the left, above the candy section.

The Fjording shop, next to Frozen ride

Painting is above the candy

The painting in Norway inspired by Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”


Head to the very back of the China pavilion, nearly all the way to the open-air gift shop at the end of the street. Just before reaching the shop, you’ll find the painting on the right wall.

Head to the end of the street

Look to your right

Painting is inspired by Picture of Spring Ox from Qing Dynasty


Head into the caramel store on the left-front side of the pavilion called Karamell-Kuche. You’ll find the painting on your immediate left after entering the front door.

Enter the caramel store

Painting is on your left

Painting in Germany inspired by Johann Liss’s “Cupid”


Walk into the pavilion courtyard and locate the Kidcot Fun Spot on your right. You’ll find the painting behind the Kidcot Cast Member on the wall.

Find the Kidcot Fun Spot

Painting is on Kidcot wall

Painting in Italy based on the Mona Lisa

The American Adventure

Look inside the pavilion’s one interior gift shop, Heritage Manor Gifts, located to the right of The American Adventure theater. The painting can be found on the right-front corner behind the penny press machine.

Enter the main gift shop

Painting in corner by penny press

Painting inspired by Emanuel Leutze’s “Washington Crossing the Delaware”


Enter the gift shop through its side entrance, on the right side of the pavilion, right before the path dead ends into the shop’s back entrance. Turn left after entering. The painting can be found on the right wall, above some umbrellas and to the left of kitty cat purses. (If you hit the incense room, you’ve gone too far.)

Enter gift shop on the side

On right side just before store curves left

Japan’s painting inspired by Katsushika Hokusai’s “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa”


This one can be difficult since the painting looks much like the mosaic tile designs found around the pavilion. If you head into the center of the pavilion, into the covered market area, you’ll find the painting on the far-right of the center market room. The same room as Kidcot, but on the far right, above a penny press machine, and under a sign that reads “Tangier Traders.”

Go to the middle of the pavilion

Look for “Tangier Traders” sign

The painting in Morocco


The painting is in a window display this year, outside. Head to the left side-street as if you’re going to the bakery, and you will find it in the window on the corner. (It is directly across the street from the Monsieur Paul restaurant.)

Turn left toward ice cream & bakery

Painting is found in window

France’s painting, (I love how Figment is waving in his reflection!)

United Kingdom

This one is hiding behind the Tea Caddy store, in a window display overlooking the little garden area back there. You can head out the back door of the tea shop to find it.

Go behind the tea shop

Painting found in window

UK’s painting inspired by Thomas Gainsborough’s “The Blue Boy”


Head through Victoria Gardens (under the Le Cellier arch sign,) towards the Kidcot station. The painting is hung behind the Kidcot booth, just to the right of the exit for the O’ Canada 360 show.

Walk through Victoria Gardens

Painting is in the Kidcot area

The painting in Canada is based on Deep Woods by Emily Carr

Hope you had fun finding all the paintings! Be sure to check out our Complete Guide to the 2019 Epcot International Festival of the Arts for full food menus and concert lineup, and stay tuned for more theme park news coming soon.

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