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Universal Orlando has announced official details for the new DreamWorks Land, replacing the former KidsZone area of Universal Studios Florida. Set to open this summer, this new area will feature mini-lands based on Shrek and Puss in Boots, Trolls, and Kung Fu Panda. More than just play areas, this improved children’s area will also include new food offerings, interactive games, and shows.

Let’s go over all of the official details, as well as how they line up to construction and permits, in today’s news update. See the video version of this story below for additional visuals.

Promotional art from Universal Orlando

Where is DreamWorks Land?

First announced in July 2023, this new area of Universal Studios Florida is replacing the former KidsZone area, which closed back in January of last year.

Newer properties are taking over the area, like Shrek replacing the Fievel’s Playland area, Trolls replacing the Woody Woodpecker Nuthouse Coaster and surrounding areas, and Kung Fu Panda is replacing the former Curious George Goes to Town.

Today’s announcement has confirmed what each of these mini-lands will contain, as well as details for the land’s theater show and rotating meet and greet space.

Official concept art from Universal Orlando

The Land’s Official Name

First, we can start with the name, which was only today officially confirmed to be “DreamWorks Land.” Previously the company had only referred to the area as a land based on DreamWorks. And even the marquee set up at the land’s future entrance only says “DreamWorks.”

We had actually seen a trademark application for the term “DreamWorks Land” filed by the company back in August of last year.

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

Today’s announcement included the official concept art for the current marquee sign, but rumors have suggested that this sign may be swapped out when the land opens for one featuring the full name of the land and new logo, which did drop today.

Official logo for the land

Official concept art for Shrek at DreamWorks Land


The first mini-land guests will encounter when entering DreamWorks Land will be based on the Shrek franchise and its spin-off films.

Aerial photo of Shrek area of DreamWorks Land, Photo: @bioreconstruct

The largest structure in this area, Shrek’s cottage, sitting in the middle of his swamp, will stand 35-feet-tall.

Aerial photo of Shrek’s Swamp Meet, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Shrek’s Swamp Meet is the name for Shrek’s perfectly recreated home. This is where you will be able to meet characters like Shrek, Princess Fiona, and Donkey, who can be seen in a window in the official concept art released today.

Shrek’s Swamp for Little Ogres, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Shrek’s Swamp for Little Ogres is the official name for the play area surrounding Shrek’s cottage, featuring four slides, splash play areas, and climbing areas. This even includes an outhouse you can enter.

King Harold’s Swamp Symphony, Photo: @bioreconstruct

King Harold’s Swamp Symphony is an interactive area where you can stomp on lily pads to trigger musical frog ribbits, led by the Frog king himself, King Harold.

Mama Luna’s entry, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Mama Luna Feline Fiesta is an interactive experience based on Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish. Here you can “play with Mama Luna’s many cats on vivid interactive screens activated by buttons, bells, maracas and levers.”

Cat weather vane seen on roof, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Universal hints that you may even be able to spot Puss in Boots himself here.

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

We found trademarks for the Feline Fiesta experience, which the company filed back in May of last year.

Swamp Snacks kiosk in DreamWorks Land, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Swamp Snacks will be a new snack kiosk servicing foods inspired by Shrek with names like the Shrekzel, Far Far A Waffle, Frozen Ogre, and more.

Permit for this kiosk, showing name in the notes, cityoforlando.net

We spotted the name for this themed food stand in permits posted with the county back in November.

Trolls Trollercoaster at DreamWorks Land official art


The next area you will reach, as you venture deeper into DreamWorks Land, will be based on the musical franchise of Trolls. Here in Trolls Village guests can relax and “find their happy place.”

Trolls Trollercoaster in DreamWorks Land, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Trolls Trollercoaster is now the official name for the rethemed kiddie coaster in this area. Universal says “guests of all ages can take a ride on the iconic Caterbus escaping evil spiders as they speed along a bright orange and yellow track aboard this family-friendly rollercoaster.”

Trolls Trollercoaster detail, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Trollercoaster was a rumored name for this attraction early on, and was somewhat proven by a trademark application discovered last year.

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

Poppy’s Playground is a small play area nestled under a 20-foot mushroom. This shaded area is meant for smaller children and features colorful flowers and bugs with fun bouncing and climbing structures.

Trolls play area as seen from above, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Looking at construction photos in recent days, many had wondered if this mushroom structure may have been for a flat ride, but today’s announcement confirms it is not.

View of this structure from the ground, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Trolls Treats is going to be an ice cream stand themed as Poppy’s boombox from the recent Trolls Band Together film. Ice cream from this stand will feature flavors like the pink lemonade-flavored Poppy-licious Pink, and huckleberry-flavored BroZone Berry.

Trolls cutout character art, Photo: @bioreconstruct

We saw this kiosk in permits last year, which described it as a Boom Box ice cream kiosk.

Ice cream kiosk permit information, cityoforlando.net

High Five Hideaway will be the Trolls area’s retail location.

High Five Hideaway retail location, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Hosted by Cloud Guy, this small store will actually feature merchandise from all properties, including apparel, plush and accessories from Shrek, Trolls, Kung Fu Panda, Gabby’s Dollhouse and more.

Po’s Kung Fu Training Camp official concept art

Kung Fu Panda

At the very back of DreamWorks Land, guests will enter into a real-life Panda Village inspired by the Kung Fu Panda films.

Po’s Kung Fu Training Camp construction progress, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Po’s Kung Fu Training Camp contains both wet and dry play areas, which will utilize some of the existing infrastructure from the former Curious George area, including the bucket dump.

Bucket dump retained from former play area, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Some of the experiences within the Training Camp include enormous water cannons, dump buckets, giant fans and more, themed to a Panda wash and dry laundry.

Water play areas seen in art

There will also be an interactive gong in the center of the mini-land.

The area will also feature oversized merry-go-round noodle bowls from Mr. Ping’s Noodle Shop.

Merry-go-round playground elements

Po Live! is also a part of this area, a digital interactive meet and greet experience where you can talk directly to Po himself. The Dragon Warrior will be teaching kids cool Kung Fu moves, while also cooking delicious stir fry and babysitting his little cousin, Ling Ling.

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

We were the first to explore the possibility of an interactive digital meet and greet when patents for this technology were discovered over a year ago. Like Turtle Talk with Crush at Disney Parks, this experience will render animated characters in real time, utilizing a motion control puppeteering rig with an actor backstage.

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

Shows & Characters

In addition to the Shrek, Trolls, and Kung Fu Panda characters, DreamWorks Land has set aside space for other rotating characters to interact with guests.

Theater entry area on left, Photo: @bioreconstruct

DreamWorks Imagination Celebration will be a new dance party stage show in the former Barney theater, where DreamWorks Destination was performing before KidsZone closed for this remodel.

Former DreamWorks Destination entry arch

Universal describes this theater show as a “multisensory adventure combining hit pop songs, high-energy dancing, advanced technology, and more to create an imaginative party atmosphere that will transport guests to the worlds of their favorite characters within the all-new DreamWorks Theater.”

Gabby’s Dollhouse meet and greet at Universal Orlando, Photo: Jon Self

DreamWorks Character Zone will be a place to meet characters not found within the other areas, including current favorites like Gabby from Gabby’s Dollhouse.

Opening Date & More

An exact date was not revealed with today’s announcement, but Universal Orlando says that the new DreamWorks Land is set to open this summer, in 2024.

Entry area for DreamWorks Land, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Construction has been picking up steam around the work site in recent weeks after a short lull prior. Kung Fu Panda’s Training Camp area appears to be the furthest behind, but just in the last week or two a lot of visual progress has been made.

Kung Fu Panda area seen at back of DreamWorks Land, Photo: @bioreconstruct

An email sent to annual passholders today says that there will be passholder previews for the new land. A date for these previews was not yet announced though.

Work going on for new lagoon show, Photo: @bioreconstruct

This new land may not be the only thing debuting this summer. Despite not yet being officially announced, a new lagoon show—which is rumored to feature drones—and a new parade are rumored to begin this summer at Universal Studios Florida as well.

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

As we talked about recently, the parade, which may be named “Universal Mega Movie Parade” according to a trademarked term, is rumored to feature classic properties like Back to the Future, JAWS, E.T., and Ghostbusters. See our recent story for more details!

Promotional art of the area’s work walls, Photo: @bioreconstruct

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