First Look at Some of the Toys, Apparel, and More of Windtraders at Pandora – The World of Avatar

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We’ve taken a look at the specialty drinks and the exotic foods of Pandora – The World of Avatar. Plus, we’ve been following the construction progress of this new land. Now, let’s take a moment to look at some of the unique merchandise and gifts we’ll find in the world of Avatar, opening May 27, 2017 in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

UPDATE:  Check out our full review and coverage of Pandora – The World of Avatar here!

While visiting Pandora, you’ll want to stop by Windtraders, the main gift shop for the new area. Inside you’ll see that the walls have long since been overtaken by natural root structures—which nowadays serve as still-growing displays for a variety of mementos and take-home treasures. There will be many shirts, hats and other apparel; toys, plush and more fun things for kids; and of course collectible pins! See below for just a small selection of the many pieces of merchandise for this new land and stay tuned for our complete coverage of Pandora — The World of Avatar starting in just a couple weeks!

Concept art of the inside of Windtraders, the official gift shop of Pandora — The World of Avatar

One of the more interesting items guests will be able to pick up is a Na’vi Translator Device. “This device was originally developed by Alpha Centauri Expeditions founder Marshall Lamm,” explains merchandise developer Cody Hampton. “The Na’vi have no written language, so the translator will be a helpful tool for any human visiting Pandora. Guests using the translator can learn how to pronounce 90 Na’vi words using interchangeable translation cards. The device also lights up at night, which makes it perfect for nighttime explorations on Pandora.”

The Na’vi Translator set will come packaged with 15 translation cards. The device has a clasp that extends up to 12-inches and can be attached to a belt or backpack. Additional translation cards will be sold in trading card packs, each containing eight randomly selected cards. Disney partnered with Lightstorm Entertainment and Dr. Paul Frommer, creator of the Na’vi language for “Avatar,” to acquire audio recordings of spoken Na’vi words for the translator.

One of the more colorful options at Windtraders will be the replica flying banshees. Children of all ages can select from 10 distinct variations of the beast, but in a much smaller size of course. Each interactive banshee includes three ranges of motion – mouth, head, and wings – that are controlled by hand. Guests will also hear them make authentic banshee sounds. With the ability to perch them on your shoulders for everyone to see as you explore the park, these innovative souvenirs may end up being the most popular item available in the new land.

Take home your very own replica Banshee to bring a part of Pandora home with you

Wear a banshee on your shoulder or cradle them in your arms. Display perch will be sold separately

Walt Disney Imagineering and Lightstorm Entertainment, the film production company behind the Avatar films, collaborated together to design products that complement the visually stunning world filled with floating mountains, bioluminescent plants, and all kinds of immersive adventure.

Artwork by Co-Production Designer for the Avatar sequels, Dylan Cole, on several pieces of merchandise

Dylan Cole, Co-Production Designer for the upcoming “Avatar” motion picture sequels, captured the bioluminescent world of Pandora at night with two new pieces. One image was inspired by the Na’vi River Journey while the other pictures the beautiful Valley of Mo’ara. In addition to being available as prints, elements from his nighttime artwork were added to apparel, home décor, accessories and other products.

Cave painting art by Joe Rohde from the Flight of Passage attraction applied to select products

The cave painting art was based on sketches by Walt Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde for the Avatar Flight of Passage attraction. Casey Jones, Senior Character Artist with Disney Consumer Products, worked with Joe to finish out his sketches, which were then applied to select products.

Shaman of Songs inspired by Na’vi River Journey as well as Na’vi weavings by artist Daphne Yap

“[The Shaman of Songs] embodies the Na’vi’s connection to nature which is displayed through music and light, so we wanted a graphic that was evocative of those ideas,” said Casey. Artist Daphne Yap, a member of the “Avatar” film production team, created gorgeous digital renderings of Na’vi weavings and Banshee totems for Walt Disney Imagineering. These images have a hand-drawn feel and will appear on select apparel and accessories.

Pandora patch designs integrated into many different products

The art team created patch designs representing different experiences guests will have while visiting Pandora. In addition to other products, guests will find select patch designs in the Intergalactic Passport Kit from Alpha Centauri Expeditions. The kit includes a passport, three sticker pages, a button, and a photo ID badge.

A limited edition boxed set of Pandora pins to celebrate the opening day, May 27th

And finally, to help celebrate the grand opening of Pandora, there will be a very limited boxed set of collectible pins featuring the artwork depicted on the work walls during construction. The boxed set will have an edition size of 250, and will be released during the opening of this new land on May 27th.

UPDATE:  Check out our full review and coverage of Pandora – The World of Avatar here!

If you haven’t yet, check out all the pictures of the foods of Pandora here, the specialty drinks here, and see our last construction update of the new land! Video from our last update is below too. Subscribe to the website feed to stay informed of more Avatar news.

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