Former Universal Studios Store Rebrands Itself as Legacy Store in CityWalk – Full Tour

Earlier this month the original Universal Studios Store at CityWalk Orlando started receiving decor and props from classic attractions. Just this week the store changed its name to Universal Legacy Store.

The move is happening before the debut of the new, larger Universal Studios Store being constructed near the entrance to CityWalk. Now that the Legacy Store name has been introduced, we’ve also seen some impressive original models and props from attractions show up as well. See the video tour or photo tour below of just some of the amazing artifacts you can now see in person.

The first thing that longtime fans of the Orlando resort may recognize are the gargoyle statues that now flank the store’s entrance. These were originally perched on the entry arch at Universal Studios Florida.

Since our last major update on March 4th, the store has gotten quite a makeover. Wooden crates have shown up, branded with the new name, and filled with lots of amazing models, props, costumes and more from the early days of Universal Studios Florida.

In the middle of the Harry Potter section of the store you can now see the original Hogwarts Castle from the development of the world’s first Wizarding World of Harry Potter land at Islands of Adventure.

It’s neat to pick out some of the details that changed from designing to building, like leaving the Ford Anglia out of the final design.

They have been adding more props every day, loading them in overnight. Since these photos were taken they added a replica of Hagrid’s Motorbike that was used in the grand opening for the new coaster.

Hagrid’s Motorbike replica on display in Legacy Store, Photo: Justin Child

Speaking of the Hagrid coaster, some of the banners from Dragon Challenge can be seen hanging on the wall of the store. These used to be placed throughout the former ride’s exterior queue.

Some of the most interesting items to me are the ride vehicle models that were actually created during the designing phases for attractions. You can see the tram from Kongfronation, Earthquake/Disaster subway train, and the flying bikes from E.T. Adventure.

As a big fan of the JAWS ride, (and former skipper,) the photos, queue props, and more from the old ride are especially exciting to see in person!

You can even see one of the grenade launchers that every skipper had on the JAWS boats!

Screen-used Chief Brody jacket from the JAWS queue and replicas from the first film, like his harpoon gun are also on display.

Some things in the store have stayed the same, like the focus on the classic Universal Studios Florida logo merchandise near the entrance.

Some new, larger props have shown up around the entrance though, like this Doombot from Dr. Doom’s Fearfall at Islands of Adventure.

One of The Fly pods that were used in the original version of the Horror Make-Up Show is on display near the entrance as well! The pair of pods were on display on the show’s exit gift shop temporarily shortly before The Bourne Stuntacular opened last year.

As part of the store’s rebranding, it appears that new merchandise based on older properties are being brought in. Things like Back to the Future merchandise like you would see at the Film Vault shop in Universal Studios Florida have shown up.

The merchandise is split into categories based on each ride. A small info sign is placed above each section with details and the years that the ride ran from.

In addition to the many props and pieces of art from the Back to the Future queue we talked about in our last update, new Team Member wardrobe and one of the Hoverboards seen in the waiting room preshows can now be seen.

More retired Team Member costumes can be seen throughout the store.

Some of the screen-used props and costumes from the filming of Terminator 2: 3D were recently added.

Another noteworthy addition are gargoyle statues from the massive stage from Ghostbusters: Spooktacular. These were seen jutting out from the top of the rooftop skyscraper set from the show’s finale.

Other Ghostbusters props include replica proton packs and costumes covered in marshmallow that say they were from the HHN Tribute Store.

And speaking of Halloween Horror Nights, the back of the store is filled with various set pieces and props used in multiple mazes and scare zones.

You can also see what the prosthetic piece for Beetlejuice looks like on a shelf near the back of the store.

E.T. is also hanging out in this area, appropriately he’s dressed up in his ghost outfit and ready for trick-or-treating!

Items removed from Revenge of the Mummy’s extended queue can be seen on shelves, as well as concept art, and even a maquette from the ride’s treasure room that was used when developing the attraction.

Some concept pieces and models can also be seen from one of the resort’s newest additions: Volcano Bay. These models were created as part of the development for Universal’s “water theme park.”

As we suspected might be the case when they started setting it up a few weeks ago, the store is set up like a massive props department, with different categories listed above each themed area.

What I was not expecting, is that you can find a complete historical timeline for the resort around the middle of the store.

The monitors in the center of the store are now playing clips from old attractions, footage from queue videos and preshows, behind the scenes photos, concept art and so much more. Honestly, I could sit and watch these monitors for hours on end!

And, as if all that wasn’t awesome enough, the background music loop for the store has been updated (for what might be the first time in over twenty years not counting holidays).

While it used to play Islands of Adventure background loops, it now plays actual on-ride music arrangements from former attractions, as well as exterior queue loops for rides like JAWS, and more! It’s nostalgic overload!

That’s all for now! Remember, there’s still more on the way! Be sure to check out the video tour to see everything on display too!

The new Universal Studios Store on the other side of CityWalk is still under construction, but it did just receive its new signage. See our recent update for more details!

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