Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store 2022 Now Open – Full Tour

The new Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store is themed as an old amusement park dark ride, with rooms decorated to match several of the concepts from this year’s event.

You can find this extremely well-themed retail location within Universal Studios Florida, located near Revenge of the Mummy in the New York section of the park. It is open every day through the Fall season, beginning today. Check out the video tour and photo update below for more details.

With Halloween Horror Nights officially kicking off tonight, the annual Tribute Store has opened to all guests! Each room of the store ties into themes from this year’s event, including a pumpkin patch, cemetery, witch’s cottage and a Halloween festival set in the same town as the store’s neighboring scare zone, “Sweet Revenge.”

The rooms are connected by an overarching dark ride concept, with a visible “ride track” motif winding from room to room. You can even see a ride control panel at the entrance!

This special limited-time store is not only an incredible experience unto itself, but it is also the perfect spot to purchase all of the Halloween Horror Nights event merchandise.

Annual Passholder exclusive pin and shirt featuring the Pumpkin Lord

The first room is decorated as a pumpkin patch, filled with sinister looking jack-o-lanterns.

The next room is themed as a cemetery, with statues and a head-on-a-stick haunted house gag, that jump up and down.

Next you’ll find a hallway that connects the cemetery room to the next room, which is themed as a mausoleum. Here is where images of guests who have paid to have their photo included within the Tribute Store can be found.

The next room is themed as the witch’s cottage, complete with a cauldron featuring a self-stirring skeleton leg.

Here you’ll find many of this year’s Lil’ Boo related merchandise. (See our story on the history of Lil’ Boo for more information on this fan-favorite character.)

This is also the room where you can find all of the Halloween treats, both in the dessert case as well as prepackaged items on the shelves.

The final main room of the Tribute Store is themed as the town from the scare zone outside, “Haunted Hollow Hills,” a small town all decorated with retro Halloween decorations. The check out registers are themed as small shops within the town, (including one that looks like the facade for last year’s Tribute Store). You can also find two Mold-a-Matic molded plastic machines in this room, featuring Frankenstein designs.

On the way out, posters related to this year’s event can be seen. You can find a souvenir coin machine near the exit as well, featuring four designs, including one for Lil’ Boo. And Easter eggs related to past Tribute Stores can be seen in this area as well.

Outside, the chair photo-op from the front of the former Monsters Cafe has been set up behind the Tribute Store!

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    Does this normally stay open past Halloween at all? I will be there on 3rd of November and would love to experience!

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