How to Train Your Dragon Coaster Track on Way to Epic Universe, Intamin Confirmed as Manufacturer

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Epic Universe construction has kicked into high gear this year after a short delay due to the pandemic. Now, shipping documents seem to show that the track for one of the park’s several roller coasters has recently been delivered.

Roller coaster track and components for Project 903, which is believed to be a land based on the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, was shipped by Intamin Amusement Rides from Germany to Florida a little over a week ago. Let’s dig into what ride this may be for, and what we can learn from these documents.

Site plan for P903 filed with Orange County, with labels and colors added

Project 903 will be located on the southeast side of Epic Universe. The land is rumored to be themed as the Isle of Berk as seen in the How to Train Your Dragon film series.

According to site plans and official concept art the land will feature a collection of outdoor attractions, including a roller coaster that encircles a large portion of the area.

Gerstlauer Sky Fly ride, Photo: Hansa Park

Other attractions expected include two Sky Fly flat rides from Gerstlauer. This rotating attraction not only rotates around an angled point in the center, but also allow riders to control the intensity of their ride using a lever.

Splash Battle ride in PortAventura World, Photo: Mack Rides

There is a boat ride in the plans, which many believe will be an Interactive Splash Battle by Mack Rides. That type of boat system allows riders to squirt targets or even other boats using on-board water cannons. An outdoor play area can also be found in the plans.

Official concept art for the new theme park with speculation labels added

Site Plans also show a large indoor theater, which permits say will have 985 seats, an outdoor quick service location, an indoor full service restaurant, and other various shops.

Site plan for the land at Epic Universe with coaster seen at top, Image: Tommy Hawkins

The How to Train Your Dragon roller coaster attraction can be seen twisting and turning throughout the north section of the land, including passing under a guest bridge, and passing over guest areas.

Just a couple days ago, shipping reports showed up for a “NEW AMUSEMENT RIDE” for “P903.” The reports list “Intamin Amusement Rides” as the supplier. That’s the same company that manufactured the Jurassic World VelociCoaster and Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure for Universal Orlando.

Recent coaster track shipments from Intamin Amusement Rides, Image:

The new How to Train Your Dragon roller coaster for Epic Universe was rumored to be similar in ride style as the Hagrid coaster, but a bit more family-friendly.

The shipping reports list this project as a “FAMILY LAUNCH COASTER.” That seems to confirm that just like the Hagrid coaster, this project will feature coaster launches, and will in fact be a “family” coaster.

Bill of Lading from recent coaster shipment, Image:

A Bill of Lading for the shipment shows it shipped from Bremerhaven, Germany to Miami, Florida, and is dated as April 30, 2022. The shipment cargo was contained within more than a dozen shipping containers, and weighed 93,145 kilograms (over 200,000 pounds).

Recent aerial photographs of the Epic Universe site do not appear to show this roller coaster track on site, yet. It could still take some time for the track to be trucked from Miami to the work site in Orlando, located near the Orange County Convention Center.

Aerial photograph of the Epic Universe site taken today, Photo: bioreconstruct

We can see ride track for the Yoshi’s Adventure ride being staged nearby the work site. That ride is currently being constructed within the Super Nintendo World area of the new theme park.

Track being staged for use within Super Nintendo World, Photo: bioreconstruct

When track for new How to Train Your Dragon roller coaster does show up, we will bring you photos and another update. Some things, like what color this track will be, are not yet known. But at least now we have confirmed the manufacturer, Intamin, and that this will be a launched family coaster, as expected.

Be sure to check out our recent story on all of the roller coasters planned for Epic Universe to learn more! Also see our How Big is Epic Universe story, or the video below, for more details on the upcoming Epic Universe theme park in Orlando.

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