Epic Universe Update: Donkey Kong Coaster Track Installed, How to Train Your Dragon Track Arrives, and More Track on the Way

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Only a week after we saw the first roller coaster supports installed at Universal’s Epic Universe, which were for the Donkey Kong mine cart coaster, many large steel coaster track pieces have been delivered to the site.

We believe this new track will be a family launched coaster at the How to Train Your Dragon land in the park. Let’s dive into photos of the new track, details for the attraction we believe it is for, and more in today’s news update.

Plus, check out the video below for a complete run down of everything happening at the work site!

More track supports have been installed for the Donkey Kong mine cart roller coaster at Super Nintendo World since our last update.

Donkey Kong mine cart roller coaster construction, Photo: Bioreconstruct

The new supports are yellow in color, as these will be placed around the front of the temple facade, which is shaped like yellow bananas in the concept art.

Closer view of new track supports installed for Donkey Kong, Photo: Bioreconstruct

Additional supports and sideways track has been installed as well, Photo: Bioreconstruct

The Donkey Kong attraction is not the only track to show up this month, as new track for a larger attraction has also been spotted.

New coaster track, first spotted by The Coaster Crew near Epic Universe, Photo: The Coaster Crew

New coaster track being staged near Epic Universe, Photo: The Coaster Crew

First found by The Coaster Crew, the track pieces are located in a staging area across the street from the Epic Universe theme park site.

Arrow at coaster track staged across from Epic Universe site, Photo: Bioreconstruct

This track may be from Intamin, and if it is, that would mean it is for the How to Train Your Dragon roller coaster.

Staged coaster track for Universal’s Epic Universe, Photo: Bioreconstruct

That roller coaster is planned to be built winding around the north side of the land, which is based on the island of Berk from the popular DreamWorks film series.

Coaster track possibly manufactured by Intamin, Photo: Bioreconstruct

It will be a launched steel coaster, with a thrill level expected to be similar to Hargid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, but a tad more family-friendly.

Overlay of How to Train Your Dragon land at Epic Universe, Graphic by: Tommy Hawkins

Shipping reports were filed for the delivery of these track pieces on April 30th, with the components being transported from Germany to Miami.

Recent coaster track shipments from Intamin Amusement Rides, Image: panjiva.com

The publicly listed bill of lading described the delivery as a “new amusement ride for project 903,” which is a “family launch coaster,” confirming rumors for what type of coaster it will be.

Overlay of How to Train Your Dragon land, with coaster layout in pink, Graphic: Tommy Hawkins

Site Plans also show an interactive outdoor boat ride attraction, two sky fly flat rides, a large indoor theater, which permits say will have 985 seats, an outdoor quick service location, an indoor full service restaurant, and other various shops.

Site plan for P903 filed with Orange County, with labels and colors added

Work has mainly focused on shaping the land and burying drainage pipes for this area, but trenches for the coaster, which will pass over and under guest areas, are being constructed. The first coaster footings are starting to be built along the track layout as well.

Trench with coaster footings being constructed in How to Train Your Dragon area, Photo: Bioreconstruct

Work is just getting started on the racing dueling coaster that branches off of the park’s central hub. This attraction is expected to be manufactured by Mack Rides.

Outline for dueling coaster seen in center of photo, at number 4, Photo: Bioreconstruct

In fact, new shipping reports from this month say that “amusement ride” components are on their way from Mack Rides to Universal Orlando Resort.

Recent coaster track shipments from Mack Rides, Image: panjiva.com

The delivery is coming from Germany, where Mack is headquartered, via Belgium, and will be arriving at a port in Georgia before being transported to Orlando.

Bill of Lading from Mack coaster shipment, Image: panjiva.com

It’s possible this delivery could be the massive dueling hub roller coaster, but it could also be for the family boat ride for the How to Train Your Dragon area, as that is also being manufactured by Mack. Or, it could be a rumored family spinning coaster we think may be built at the Universal Monsters land. All three of these attractions are expected to be made by Mack.

The hub roller coaster will be the largest and most thrilling attraction for Epic Universe. See the video below to get an idea of what the coaster may be like.

With an entry facing the park’s central hub, this attraction is not part of one of the four lands, but instead is thought to be themed to outer space in some way to go along with the park overarching theme.

Ongoing work related to the hub’s dueling roller coaster, Photo: Bioreconstruct

Stay tuned for more Epic Universe news and updates, and be sure to check out today’s video for a full rundown of everything new happening around the Epic Universe construction site!

Wide angle photograph of Epic Universe by Bioreconstruct, with graphic overlay by Tommy Hawkins

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