New Temporary Classic Monsters Tribute Store Open at Universal Studios Florida – Full Tour

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The new Universal Monsters: Creatures of the Night Tribute Store has opened today at Universal Studios Florida. This temporary retail location has replaced the exit gift shop for Revenge of the Mummy, normally named Sahara Traders.

We’re taking a look around this highly themed and unique shop, which is filled with photo ops for all of the Universal Classic Monsters, as well as Monsters-inspired merchandise, in today’s photo update. You can also see our full video tour as well.

This store is located just to the right of Revenge of the Mummy, and is expected to remain open only while that attraction is under refurbishment. Universal Orlando says the ride will reopen “Late Summer” of this year, so we will have a few months to enjoy this pop-up Monsters shop!

Inside, the first area is devoted to The Mummy, which is fitting considering its location. In addition to some spooky skeletons, a full sarcophagus can be seen with the classic style Mummy in it.

Much of the merchandise throughout this area includes the same items that were for sale prior to the retheme to the Monsters this week, however, as you venture deeper into the shop things start to change more dramatically.

Heading deeper into the store, there is an area devoted to The Phantom of the Opera.

Hidden up high, where the registers used to be in Sahara Traders, you may miss Gillman hiding out, from The Creature from the Black Lagoon!

Next up is Dracula, standing at the top of the stairs.

After him is the Invisible Man, which it is nice to see him get some love these days. To the left of him is where you can find the registers for checking out.

Following along to the left, next up is Bride of Frankenstein, along with Frankenstein’s monster on the table. Special effects make it look like electricity is flowing through him.

It also looks like some sort of customizable merchandise booth is being set up in front of this area, but it was not ready yet as of this morning.

To the left is a carriage and then the Wolf-Man can be seen, breaking though some wood which can be heard creaking.

In the center of this area is where the majority of the Universal Monsters merchandise can be found. Many shirts and other apparel, as well as posters, coffee, candles, and even designer skateboard boards (for $125) can be purchased.

Again, this special Universal Monsters store is only expected to remain for a few months. When Revenge of the Mummy reopens late summer, this store will be converted back into a new and improved Sahara Traders.

Plus, keep in mind that this store location is IN ADDITION to the usual Tribute Store location. We will still be getting a new Mardi Gras Tribute Store next week!

That’s all for this update, but be sure to check out the video tour as well for another look around the Monsters store!

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