New Trademarks May Reveal Epic Universe Attraction Names and More

As construction continues to move at a rapid pace, Universal’s legal department also seems to be working on the new park as well. Several new trademark applications that may be related to Universal Epic Universe have been filed by the company. These name marks may help us to better understand some of the attractions, shops, and dining locations for the new park, which is set to open by Summer 2025.

Recent trademark applications appear to be for the land we expect to be based on the Universal Monsters, as well as for the park’s central hub and entry areas. Let’s dive into these newly filed names and see where they fit into rumors and construction for the new park!

Official Epic Universe concept art with land name labels added

Dark Universe Trademarks

Starting with the land based on Universal Monsters, which we believe may be named “Dark Universe” based on previous trademark applications, the most interesting new mark is for the term MONSTERS UNCHAINED: THE FRANKENSTEIN EXPERIMENT.

Trademark that may be related to Epic Universe

The main attraction for this land had been previously rumored to be named “Monsters Unchained,” so there is no doubt that this title was trademarked for use for this ride.

The ride, shown in the site plan below in blue, is expected to be an indoor tracked attraction utilizing KUKA arm technology, similar to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Islands of Adventure. This ride is rumored to feature all of the Universal Monsters, but also begin inside of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, so the name seems fitting.

Site plan for Monsters land with colors and labels added

The other ride for the Dark Universe land will be a spinning roller coaster. The main structures for the coaster shown in red in the image above. This attraction is expected to be named CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF, a term that was trademarked earlier this year.

Other new trademarks from this month include DE LACEY’S, which may be the name for the cottage-themed snack stand located near the main ride within the land. This is shown in yellow on the site plan above and labeled as “snack stand.” De Lacey is a name for a character from the original Frankenstein story, who happens to live in a cottage in the forest, which this kiosk may be themed after.

De Lacey’s cabin seen at number 4, Photo: Bioreconstruct

Another recent trademark is for PRETORIOUS’ SCIENTIFIC ODDITIES, which is described as for use as a retail store or gift shop. This could be the name of the main shop in the land, or perhaps a section of it.

Another trademark for ODDITIES & MONSTROSITIES, which was filed earlier this year, may also be related to the land’s central retail location.

Main retail location seen left of number 2, Photo: Bioreconstruct

Permits describe another retail location as part of the exit for the main ride. A recent trademark for THE MANOR STOREHOUSE may be related to this retail location, as the facade for the main ride is a large gothic manor.

Recent look at architectural features of manor, Photo: Bioreconstruct

There are two main dining locations listed in permits and being built within the Dark Universe section of Epic Universe, but so far we have only seen one trademark that may be related. THE BURNING BLADE TAVERN is expected to be the name of a windmill-themed eatery located at the back-left corner of the land.

The Burning Blade is a reference to burning windmill from the original Frankenstein story. There are gas lines running to this structure which are listed as for a “flame effect” in permits. It is rumored that the blades of the windmill will be on fire within this land.

Windmill structure atop restaurant seen at number 2

The other dining location is rumored to be named Das Stakehaus, but so far a trademark for that term has not yet been filed publicly.

One final trademark application that is likely related to this land, is for the term DARKMOOR. This is rumored to be the name of the fictional village where the land takes place. The Darkmoor village is a place where monsters are real, and you can come face to face with legends like the Wolfman, Frankenstein’s Monster, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Celestial Park Trademarks

The rest of the trademark applications that have been filed for Epic Universe in recent weeks appear to be for the central hub areas and park entry area of the park. The central hub area is rumored to be named Celestial Park.

Celestial Park will be like Epic Universe’s 5th land with rides and attractions of its own, while also acting as a park hub with access to all of the other lands, and even as a sort of CityWalk, with dining and entertainment too.

Official art with label added and central hub areas highlighted

Starting with the park’s entry areas, which will act almost like a Main Street, USA, several new trademarks have been files for these shops in particular.

MOONSHIP CHOCOLATES & CELESTIAL SWEETS is expected to be the park’s main candy shop and bakery location.

NORTH STAR WINTRY WONDERS will be this park’s Christmas shop.

LENS FLARE will be the park’s main photo pick-up location.

VARIOUS EMPORIA will be a collection of several small boutique shops near the front of the park, focusing mostly on apparel.

We’re still missing a trademark for the park’s largest main gift shop, which has been rumored to be named Sensorium Emporium. We’ll be keeping an eye out for that name, among a few other shops still not accounted for in recent applications.

One more recent trademark is for the term METEOR ASTROPUB. Described as for a restaurant, bar, or snack bar, it is possible that this could be the name of a small upstairs lounge near the entry to the park.

Meteor Astropub may could be for an outdoor lounge area located near the center of the park instead. It’s still unclear exactly where it will go, but the naming scheme certainly matches the Celestial Park area of Epic Universe.

Entry area into Epic Universe, including start of entry arch at number 1, Photo: Bioreconstruct

That’s going to do it for this trademark update! Be sure to check out our recent full construction update to see the progress being made in every section of the park.

Current look at construction of Epic Universe, Photo: Bioreconstruct

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