Revenge of the Mummy Soft Opens at Universal Studios Florida, Brendan Fraser & “Cup of Coffee” Remains

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After being closed for refurbishment for more than 7 months, the popular indoor roller coaster attraction at Universal Orlando has reopened to all guests today for technical rehearsal.

Revenge of the Mummy closed on January 7, 2022 for an extended refurbishment. No details were given by the company as to what would be done during this time, but permit records show that at very least the ride control system was upgraded.

The attraction had Team Member previews over the course of a few spread out days, between Saturday, August 13th and Friday, August 19th, before finally officially opening to all guests today. Since it has reopened in technical rehearsal, also known as a soft open, there is no guarantee how long the attraction will remain open.

While some small changes are now apparent, there were rumors that queue videos featuring Brendan Fraser, as well as the ride’s final scene featuring the actor asking for his “cup of coffee,” would be cut. However, we know now that those elements have remained since the ride has reopened.

The exterior courtyard has been repaved, and other areas have had paint retouched. Some guests have noticed spruced up show scene elements throughout the ride, including new animation projections for the scarab scene, upgraded animatronics, new lighting effects in the launch tunnel, and smoother brakes/coaster launch. The load area has received new safety spiel recorded messages as well.

For the most part though, much of the work that was done during the downtime may go unnoticed, as the attraction’s story and theme have not been affected. The most important elements of the refurbishment were likely related to updates to the ride control system.

The ride’s exit gift shop, Sahara Traders, has also been updated. It now features a more dark tone, and includes thematic elements that tie the shop to the ride’s “Museum of Antiquities” entry facade.

The updated gift shop includes many Easter eggs and references to things like King Kong (which Revenge of the Mummy replaced at this location,) as well as the classic black and white Universal Monster Mummy films.

Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida is only currently running in “technical rehearsals,” which means certain effects or aspects may not be working. It also means that the attraction may not remain open for the entire day, and may possibly not be open every day going forward.

Until Universal Orlando officially announces the grand reopening of this ride, whether or not it is running will not be guaranteed day to day.

Team Members warn that the attraction is still experiencing periodic temporary issues that may cause downtimes. The wait may be long to ride the highly-missed attraction on its first day of operation for general guests in more than half a year. If you plan to ride soon, please pack your patience, and don’t forget your cup of coffee!

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