Super Nintendo World Opening Early 2021, Mario Cafe Opens This Week & Work Starts on Donkey Kong Coaster

After postponing the grand opening of Super Nintendo World this past summer, Universal Studios Japan recently announced that the land will now be opening next Spring. While we wait for 2021 to come around, they’re going to open a new cafe and shop to help tide us over.

While the land won’t be opening for several more months, it does appear to be pretty much ready at this time, and we can even see that one of the rides has been testing. Let’s go over all of the new officially released details—as well as some new rumors for the rides and attractions of the world’s first Super Nintendo World. Be sure to check out the video version of this story below for additional visuals.

Universal Studios Japan has said on social media that the new land is set to open in the Spring of 2021, but the official press release only says it will be opening “Early 2021,” not mentioning Spring specifically. It does say, however, that: “The opening date will be announced soon.”

While Japan has started to allow residents to travel back into the country, and may allow students and some business people soon, foreign tourists are not expected to be allowed to enter the country until next year, likely by the Spring. This will coincide with prep for the rescheduled Summer Olympics, which were delayed until 2021. The timing of the opening of Super Nintendo World may have something to do with the possibility of travel restrictions opening up.

Concept art for new Mario Cafe and store opening at Universal Studios Japan Oct 16

While visitors to the park in Osaka are waiting for the land to open next year, Universal Japan is opening a new Mario Cafe and Store in the Hollywood area of the park. Located in the Schwab’s Pharmacy and Darkroom storefronts, the new shops will feature iconography from the Mushroom Kingdom when they open later this week on October 16th.

The new cafe will feature adorable Mario themed treats and drinks, like Strawberry Shortcake and Cheesecake sandwiches, colorful cream sodas themed to Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach—and a Super Mushroom sipper cup with a Super Nintendo World branded strap.

The new shop will offer exclusive merchandise including apparel, purses, smartphone cases, key chains, and more.

Aerial view of entire land with entry pipe in foreground, Source

Recent aerial view of Super Nintendo World, Source

Despite not opening for at least several more months, Super Nintendo World itself looks to be ready to open now. The latest aerial photos and video show off the colorful land. Zooming in, we can see that even the gift shop carts and food kiosks have been placed throughout the area, including ones that we expect will be selling the Power Up Bands, the land’s interactive wearable that allows you to collect coins and play mini games.

Shot from music video showing Mario Kart ride vehicles, Source

The main attraction will be the Mario Kart ride, which thanks to leaked images we think might be named Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge. With an entrance through Bowser’s Castle, this interactive dark ride will feature two tracks that will allow two cars to travel side by side, experiencing multiple lands from the video game series.

It’s rumored that the possible Augmented Reality technology for the attraction will be ready by the time it opens. This technology is expected to allow you to throw virtual shells at your opponent, or other various targets throughout the ride to earn points.

Aerial photo with Yoshi Egg shaped ride vehicle circled, Original Source

In a recent video we were able to see that the other ride expected to open with the land has been testing and running. Yoshi’s Adventure is a family omnimover style attraction where you get to ride in a Yoshi around a section of the Mushroom Kingdom. In this recent video we’ve also learned that at least one Yoshi Egg shaped car will be available for guests for, what we assume, will be a wheelchair accessibility.

Future home of Donkey Kong mini land seen on bottom-right, Source

In addition to seeing the land now looking completely done and ready, we’ve also been able to see that work on the phase two expansion seems to have started. We’ve already seen the jungle themed mural facing into what will eventually be the Donkey Kong Country mini-land, but now, what looks to be some of the footings for the area’s Mine Cart Madness roller coaster can be spotted!

Closer view of expansion area, Source

Aerial of entire land with Donkey Kong expansion seen on top-right, Source

This attraction will feature mine carts that appear to jump over sections of missing track, as it takes riders through both indoor and outdoor scenes with animatronic figures, fire effects and more. Seeing work continue on this planned expansion is a very good sign, given all that is happening in the world.

Official concept art for Super Nintendo World

We’ll hopefully get more details and official photos or concept art as we get closer to the new grand opening next year in Japan. Also going on, the land’s construction is in full swing on the lower lot of Universal Studios Hollywood, although we have received absolutely no details for that version of the land as of yet. Work has yet to begin for the other announced versions of the land for Singapore and Orlando.

Be sure to check out the video version of this story for additional visuals. Stay tuned for more news and rumors on all of the Super Nintendo World lands as we learn more in the coming years, and click here to see our previous stories about the attractions, technology, and more for land.

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