Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Now Open – Complete Guide

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Toy Story Land is now open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. The new land is themed as Andy’s backyard and features two new rides, a brand new entrance to Toy Story Mania, and a new quick service restaurant named Woody’s Lunch Box.

The land’s new rides include a family coaster named Slinky Dog Dash and a flat ride named Alien Swirling Saucers. In addition to the new rides, Toy Story Land also features walk-around characters like the Green Army Men & Women, as well as the classic character meet & greets. Plus, a wide variety of new merchandise has been released along with the new land.

Check out our complete guide to the new land below including full details on the rides, the complete menu with prices for the restaurant, along with some travel tips for visiting! And if you’re looking for free vacation planning to Disney World, request your free quote from Elizabeth at Destinations in Florida.

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Land & Toy Story Mania
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Woody’s Lunch Box Menu
Character Meet & Greets

See the full details for the Rides, Food, Characters, and Merchandise below, and stay tuned for more theme park news and coverage coming soon!

Land Details and Toy Story Mania Changes

Toy Story Land includes two all-new attractions and a new entrance for an enduring favorite. Guests hop on Slinky Dog for a family-friendly roller coaster ride, take a spin with the little green Aliens from Pizza Planet and go for the high score in midway games populated by beloved Toy Story toys.

Toy Story Land also celebrates what defines entertainment for kids of all ages. Crayola crayons, a Rubik’s Cube, Cooties, and other toys and games pour on the nostalgia for park-goers – and fascinate young ones. With building blocks around every corner, there are lampposts shaped like Tinkertoys and benches built from Lincoln Logs and K’nex pieces. A balsa-wood glider, a Barrel of Monkeys, giant playing cards and jacks add to the visual tapestry of the new land.

New Entrance to Toy Story Mania

Andy of Pixar Animation Studios’ Toy Story fame laid out Toy Story Mania as a playset in his room. It’s rootin’ tootin’ fun as guests take aim at moving objects in a variety of scenes based on classic carnival midway games.

As the all-new gateway to the ride-through action inside, the carnival-style entrance with its candy-striped marquee is, in fact, the box Andy’s Toy Story Mania! Midway Games Playset came in. Looking out over the rest of Toy Story Land, the entrance welcomes stand-by and FastPass+ guests to fun and fast-paced games of skill.

Guests queue through colorful games and game pieces, View-Master discs, Crayola crayon drawings and more. In one “box” of the queue, guests walk through a carnival midway that surrounds them on all sides. In another, they come across an Audio-Animatronics figure of Mr. Potato Head, who returns to Toy Story Mania! to serve as “Boardwalk Barker,” greeting guests with wise-cracking zingers.

New App Lets You Play Games While Waiting in Line

With an imaginative set of in-queue mini games, wait time will turn into play time at select in-park locations as guests play games that interact with the physical environment around them – from activating special show effects to uncovering magical surprises during their experience.

Guests of Toy Story Land can extend their play time at the new Slinky Dog Dash coaster with “Andy’s Board Game Blast,” a fun game that Andy has crafted in his backyard from some spare toys, cardboard boxes and his own imagination. Guests visiting this new land will also be able to experience “Playset Party,” a game in which they help assemble the Toy Story Mania! playset.

Guests signed into their Disney account, available to guests 13 and over, can also earn, collect and share uniquely themed achievements, rewarded for experiences both in the app and across the Disney parks. Whether venturing to certain attractions in the parks or accomplishing an impressive feat at an in-queue game, guests are able to use this feature to showcase their in-park experiences and Disney fandom while filling their “Playfile” with these special achievements.

Slinky Dog Dash – Roller Coaster

As honorary toys, guests have Andy to thank for this incredibly fun experience. They get to ride his creation and be inside Slinky Dog’s coils as the lovable pooch twists and turns around the track. It all takes place in Andy’s backyard, where he used the Dash & Dodge Mega Coaster Play Kit to assemble this speedy toy.

Andy’s idea for his double-launch coaster – a Disney first – was to pick everyone’s favorite floppy-eared dachshund with the stretching coil body – Slinky Dog – to send guests around the track. The attraction’s ride vehicles are spring-tailed spinoffs of Slinky, the iconic American toy from the 1940s. Track and supports for the coaster are done up in bright colors of red, orange, yellow and blue.

In one hilarious scene, the coaster swoops around blocks Andy stacked around his Jenga game. Rex, the toy dinosaur, is precariously perched atop the unstable Jenga stack trying to decorate the toy block city by stringing up colored Christmas lights – a daunting task when you’re a dinosaur with short front arms! Jessie comes to his rescue, working to untangle Rex’s dino-sized predicament.

Andy also tricked out his coaster creation with a power booster. When Slinky Dog Dash hits its midway point, the coaster stops, reverses a few yards, then shoots through multiple rings pulsing with sounds, spinners and flashing lights to launch riders into the second act of the ride experience.

“The first half of the ride is many swirls, turns and dips, and after the second launch come a drop and camelback humps – as if you were playing with a Slinky Dog toy,” explained Dave Minichiello, Executive Creative Director of Walt Disney Imagineering.

Andy saved one last surprise for his coaster’s finale: Wheezy, the squeaky toy penguin from the Toy Story films, breaks into a rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” Created especially for Slinky Dog Dash, the Audio-Animatronics figure of Wheezy is unique among Disney Parks globally. Toys and toy packaging complete the scene, including a Rubik’s Cube, a game canister for Pick-Up Snakes and toy wooden blocks spelling out F-U-N – all against the backdrop of a towering book, Mr. Pricklepants’ “Songs for Singing,” compiled by the huggable hedgehog from “Toy Story 3.”

Slinky Dog Dash Coaster Stats

   • Type of attraction: Family-friendly launched roller coaster
   • Track type: Steel
   • Number of passengers per train: 18
   • Height restrictions: 38 inches
   • FastPass+: Yes

Alien Swirling Saucers – Whip Ride

As guests become “honorary toys” in the new land, they encounter Alien Swirling Saucers, a playset that toy-owner Andy of Pixar Animation Studios’ Toy Story films won at the Pizza Planet restaurant. The new attraction whirls and blinks with colorful lighting, electronic space music and nonstop fun.

Alien saucer pilots are straight out of the Toy Story movies, with their pointy ears, three eyes, short antennae and facial expressions designed to convey surprise or delight. Each extraterrestrial has hitched its flying saucer to one of 22 rocket ships; together, flying saucers and rockets spin through the Pizza Planet galaxy.

With “The Claw” dangling overhead, guests climb aboard their rocket ships and hover in Pizza Planet’s version of “deep-dish space” for an out-of-this-world saucer whirl to the beat of new versions of Toy Story songs and musical themes. During the adventure, the Aliens spin guests around toy icons like Planet Pepperonia and a pizza-inspired space station.

Before boarding Alien Swirling Saucers, guests can pose for a photo with a Buzz Lightyear action figure standing more than 14 feet tall on top of toy building blocks near the entrance to his Star Command Space Station Playset. Toy robot guards flank the Pizza Planet-inspired marquee.

Inside Star Command, there are buttons to push, dials to turn and a switch to toggle for audio and visual effects. His creativity never flagging, Andy built a toy gantry with his Construx toy pieces that guests use to traverse from Buzz’s command center to the Swirling Saucers game.

Guests who are spin-averse can swirl vicariously by watching from the viewing area in between and around the playset.

Alien Swirling Saucers Stats

   • Type of attraction: Family-friendly launched roller coaster
   • Type of attraction: Swirl-and-whirl ride
   • Number of passengers per seat: 2 to 3 honorary toys
   • Number of saucer/rocket ships: 22 (11 in each of two playset areas)
   • Height restriction: 32 inches
   • FastPass+: Yes

Woody’s Lunch Box – Quick Service Restaurant

Fun extends to food in the new Toy Story Land. Here, mealtime comes with a heavy helping of nostalgia, as Woody’s Lunch Box serves up classic on-the-go menu items with a creative twist.

“Everyone has a special food memory, so it can be tricky putting a modern spin on the favorites,” explained Lenny DeGeorge, Concept Development Culinary Director for Walt Disney World. “We honored these classic dishes by using the best ingredients to elevate the flavors. How we constructed the sandwiches was important, such as layering the ingredients in a specific order, to maximize textures and flavors. Why have a cold sandwich when you can have a toasted, hot, gooey, cheese-filled one?”

Mobile Order Information

Woody’s Lunch Box offers Mobile Order, which allows you to pre-order your food directly from the My Disney Experience app on your mobile device. This means you can skip the line and just pick up your order from the window. The app will even alert you when it’s ready! Learn more about Mobile Order and how to use it from our Complete Guide.

Complete Menu – Woody’s Lunch Box

Please note, menu may change and prices accurate as of July 1, 2018.


Breakfast dishes are only available until 10:30 AM daily.

Breakfast Bowl

Hearty portion of Potato Barrels smothered in Smoked Brisket Country Gravy, Scrambled Eggs and a sprinkling of Green Onions

S’more French Toast Sandwich

Marshmallow and Chocolate Ganache stuffed in Grilled Custard soaked Brioche encrusted with Graham Cracker Crumbs

Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich

Thick-sliced Smoked Turkey Breast, Melted Swiss Cheese, Sautéed Green Pepper, Onions and Scrambled Eggs on Grilled Sourdough

Banana Split Yogurt Parfait

Pineapple, Strawberries and Banana between layers of Vanilla Yogurt and Honey topped with Granola and Dark Chocolate Chips

Sandwiches & More

All sandwiches served with your choice of side dish (listed below).

BBQ Brisket Melt

Sliced Smoked Brisket, Pickles and tangy BBQ Sauce between melted Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheeses on Grilled Sourdough

Monte Cristo

Thick-sliced Smoked Turkey Breast, Ham, Raspberry Marmalade, Dijon Mustard and Melted Swiss Cheese on Grilled Custard soaked Brioche

Smoked Turkey Sandwich

Thick-sliced Smoked Turkey Breast, Lettuce and Tomato with Dijonnaise spread served chilled on Sunflower Multigrain

Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich

Melted Provolone and Cheddar Cheeses with a Cheddar Cream Cheese Spread on Garlic Buttered Grilled Artisan French Bread


Potato Barrels coated with Beef and Bean Chili, Shredded Cheese and signature Queso with Tomatoes and Corn Chips finished with Sour Cream and a sprinkle of Green Onions

Side Dishes

You may select one of the sides to go with any sandwich or purchase additional sides by themselves. Sides also available as a Disney Dining Plan snack credit.

Tomato-basil Soup $3.69

Potato Barrels $3.49

Vegetable Macaroni Salad $2.99

Mini Babybel Snack Cheese

Three individually packaged 100% natural semi-soft Original Flavor Cheese


These desserts are available as a Disney Dining Plan snack credit.

Raspberry Lunch Box Tart

Raspberry Marmalade stuffed Pastry coated in a Strawberry Fondant and Crispy Pearls

Chocolate-Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart

Chocolate-Hazelnut stuffed Pastry coated in Maple Fondant and Candied Bacon

Kids’ Meals

Kids meals are served with Potato Barrels and a Mandarin Orange, and include choice of Small Lowfat Milk or Small Dasani Water.


S’more French Toast Sandwich $5.99

Turkey Breakfast Sandwich $5.49

Breakfast Bowl $5.49


Half Grilled Cheese $5.99

Turkey Half Sandwich $6.79

Specialty Beverages – Non-Alcoholic

Other non-alcoholic beverages include fountain drinks, bottled water, coffee, and hot cocoa.

Ice Cream Soda Float

Barq’s Root Beer and Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream

Mystic Portal Punch

POWERade Mountain Berry Blast with flavors of Lemon-Lime and Tangerine

Mystic Portal Punch
Souvenir Alien Sipper

POWERade Mountain Berry Blast with flavors of Lemon-Lime and Tangerine served in a Souvenir Alien Sipper

Assorted Fountain Beverages – Souvenir Alien Sipper $14.99

Specialty Beverages – Alcoholic

Beers and beverages on tap available in either 16 oz or 22 oz sizes.

Grown-Up’s Lemonade $9.25
Three Olives Cherry Vodka, odwalla All-Natural Lemonade and Black Cherry Purée

Bud Light Lager $6.75/$8.00

Blue Moon Belgian White Ale $7.25/$8.50

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cider $8.00/$9.25

Toy Story Land Characters and Meet & Greets

To add to the fun, Woody, Jessie, Buzz and their pals appear throughout the land. The Green Army Drum Corps creates a playfully percussive rhythm, and Sarge and the Green Army Patrol march through the land, playing games with guests in a fun and interactive boot camp – ten-hut!

The Green Army Drum Corps marches through the backyard several times a day, playing lively percussion sets filled with awe-inspiring drum sequences. You’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for their high-energy, one-of-a-kind performance, and you may even find yourself drumming with the corps!

Elsewhere, Sarge and his Green Army Patrol are looking for recruits to enlist in a fun and interactive boot camp for all ages. You could get caught up in a game of “Sarge Says,” playing with giant Pixar balls, oversized crayons and other fun props to see if you have what it takes to become an official Green Army cadet.

Toy Story Land Merchandise

Toy Story characters, beloved by young and old, have starring roles in the playful merchandise available for purchase from two retail stands in the 11-acre land. Themed to a toy dump truck and toy camper, respectively, the locations are as adorable as the merchandise they offer.

Just some of the exclusive merchandise choices:

Guests can wear Slinky Dog, inspired by the Slinky Dog Dash family-friendly coaster. Slinky Dog’s stretching coils wrap around guests as a toy and fashion accessory, with playful light-up rings.

The Buzz Lightyear Bubble Blower is sure to be a hit. Buzz shoots bubbles out of his helmet, and everyone’s favorite space ranger also features a light-up chest and arms.

Guests can make a fashion statement with a unique headband or stylish apparel. They can “get their alien on” in an optic-green headband with a row of eyeballs belonging to a space Alien; the eyes shift with each head movement. There is also a delightfully amusing headband perched on by Slinky Dog. For true fashionistas, a fun graphic shirt splashed with Toy Story characters is just the ticket. Or accessorize with a necklace playfully strung with Toy Story

“I Played There” commemorative t-shirts let the world know the wearer was among the first guests to experience Toy Story Land.

Disney’s new merchandise line also includes small-scale replicas of attraction vehicles – Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers – that no shelf in a child’s room should be without. A spring-action Slinky Dog Dash & Dodge Power Boost Set sends Slinky Dog on his way, just like the family-friendly coaster that inspired it. When designing the replica toys, the Disney Parks Merchandise team used the actual 3D files created for the attractions by Walt Disney Imagineering.

Alien-themed light-up tumblers, colorful tote bags, home décor, caps and coffee cups, bracelets and backpacks, collector pins and t-shirts – all will celebrate the new land.

Fans can also find the full line of Pixar merchandise in stores crisscrossing Disney’s Hollywood Studios, including Beverly Sunset, In Character and Mickey’s of Hollywood.

Toy Story Land is part of a multi-year reimagining of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the largest expansion in the theme park’s history. Next year will see the premiere of the all-new, 14-acre Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This new land will allow guests to visit Black Spire Outpost, a remote trading port on the edge of wild space, where guests will find themselves in the middle of the action. Also coming in 2019 is Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is transforming into a place where everyone can play together and experience their own adventures in the immersive worlds of their cinematic imagination.

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