Universal Studios Florida Update: Lil’ Boo Returns, Scare Zone Construction and Monsters Cafe Demolition

Now that all of the haunted houses and scare zones have been officially announced for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event, which begins September 2nd, let’s take one last check in on construction around Universal Studios Florida.

The fan-favorite, and unofficial icon of the event, Lil’ Boo has returned as the scare zones are being fleshed out in all areas of the park. Plus, the first signs of exterior work on the former Shrek 4-D building are appearing, Monsters Cafe continues to receive work, and more. See the full photo report below, or watch the video for additional visuals.

Our first stop is the scare zone construction in Production Central. This is most likely the Horror of Halloween scare zone, according to the latest announcement. And the trusses in this area are being decorated with dozens of jack-o-lanterns.

The most recognizable pumpkin can now be spotted at the very top-center of the display, Lil’ Boo. (In case you’re unaware of the history of this iconic carved pumpkin, check out our story on his rise to popularity here.)

The first visible work on the former Shrek 4-D building, since all signage was removed, includes some sections of the entry area being cut out.

The back side of the former Monsters Cafe building is being gutted. This area included the previous location for the Donkey and Shrek meet and greet, which has moved permanently to KidZone.

Former Monsters Cafe behind work walls

Entrance marquee from Monsters Cafe now stripped

Back side of Monsters Cafe being gutted

Former Donkey and Shrek meet and greet

Walls are down around one of the two streets that were being repaved in the New York area of the park.

The other street is still being worked on and blocked by walls, for now.

Food booths for Halloween Horror Nights are popping up all around the park, and some appear to be testing lighting.

A special booth themed as a butcher shop is being set up within the Sting Alley area of New York.

The HHN Tribute Store is being set up now. It will reuse the former facade from the Summer Tribute Store, giving this new one a theater entry as well. A decorative ticket booth was added on the left side of the facade. Some hints to what might be found inside can be seen in the movie poster frame on the right side.

The New York scare zone is becoming fleshed out now, named Sweet Revenge.

Revenge of the Mummy has not reopened from its refurbishment quite yet, but it has had two days of Team Member preview over the past week, so it could open for guests soon, hopefully!

A well themed stage has been set up in the San Francisco scare zone, called Conjure the Dark.

Trusses, stages, and audio equipment is set up in the Central Park scare zone area, named Scarecrow: Cursed Soil.

A pop-up bar is being themed attached to Cafe La Bamba between Central Park and Hollywood.

The Hollywood scare zone, named Graveyard: Deadly Unrest, has received the most fleshed out scenery besides New York.

New event merchandise showed up this week along with the official HHN announcement as well.

That’s all for now, but check out the video for more visuals from today’s update and see our last story for official details for all houses, scare zones, and shows at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Subscribe to the news feed to never miss an update!

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