Searching for Hidden Characters Around World Showcase for Epcot Festival of the Arts

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New for this year’s Epcot International Festival of the Arts, going on now through February 25, 2019, are hidden Disney characters on the buildings throughout World Showcase.

We found Disney characters sprinkled in many of the World Showcase pavilions, except Mexico, Norway, Japan, and Canada. Hopefully they continue this fun new tradition next year and add even more! It’s something to keep an eye out, especially if you’re already participating in Figment’s Brush with the Masters scavenger hunt. Check out the photos of all (we think) of the character artworks below, and stay tuned for more theme park news.

The first one we found was in China, and it’s Little Brother from Mulan.

Also from Mulan is Mushu and Cri-kee on the wall around the pavilion.

You can find Timon and Pumbaa at the Outpost between China and Germany.

Germany is a lot of fun, because there are 3 Pascals hidden in various spots. And because he can change colors, he kind of blends in in one of them!

Italy has one, but man is it hard to spot. We found Jiminy Cricket hiding in the bricks above the shop of the far right of the pavilion.

At The American Adventure, you can find Amos from Ben and Me, flying a kite above the Club 33 entrance door.

Abu can be spotted attempting to steal a pot from the markets inside of Morocco.

France has the most, and they’re all on one street leading to the bakery. Lumiere, the Aristocats, and Remy with his brother Emile from Ratatouille can be found.

The last one we found (and probably my favorite character of all,) is Skippy from Robin Hood at the United Kingdom pavilion.

And that’s all we could find. Did you spot any others? Let us know in the comments below. The Epcot Festival of the Arts is going on now through February 25th. Check out our complete guide for food menus, concert lineup and more.

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