Globus Mundi Store Construction Update in Diagon Alley – Sign Missing and New Windows

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In my last Globus Mundi update we talked about what this mysterious store may offer when it is complete at Diagon Alley inside of Universal Studios Florida. The sign for the fictional travel agency had been hanging in the themed land since it first opened, but only now is a store being constructed. And speaking of the sign, it has now been removed from its original location. Only the frame where it was hanging from above Sugarplum’s Sweet Shop remains.

Work is going on behind the construction walls to create a real picture window on the former fireworks facade. The new store is being built inside of the third Ollivander’s wand room, (which was rarely used in recent years). It will have a new storefront facing the Carkitt Market stage. Merchandise featuring the Globus Mundi branding is not currently available at the Studio Store, but you can see what items were for sale in our last update. Check out the full photo report below for more details, and stay tuned for more continuing coverage of this and other theme park projects!

Globus Mundi sign has been removed from above Sugarplums

Looking towards construction inside of Carkitt Market

Walls start at the door of House Elf Agency, which used to be used for VIP entry to Ollivanders

Work area, as seen from Carkitt Market stage

Walls end after door to Fireworks facade (currently)

It’s possible the work walls will extend later to cover entire fireworks facade

Closer view of work wall signage

Most work seems to be going on here currently, under this window

A real picture window is being installed below this facade window

Different angle of the new window into the store

House elf sign was removed by the time I visited last time

Closer view of where there used to be a House Elf sign

One more look at the entire work area

On the opposite side of the building, heading into Ollivanders

One of three wand rooms, just like this one, has already been completely gutted to be used as the new store, with a new entrance facing Carkitt Market

You exit the wand rooms out of one of the two doors seen here (door on far left goes to Ollivanders entry pen)

On the other side is door to the now closed wand room, as well as emergency exit/VIP entrance through House Elf facade

A look at some of the Globus Mundi merchandise that is not currently available. See more in our last post

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more and check out the recent Potter Coaster update

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