Universal Studios Florida Update: Work Walls Everywhere, Shrek Props, and New Monsters Store Coming

With so much currently happening at Universal Studios Florida these days, it may be time again for regular check-ins! There are work walls in multiple locations around the park as rides are closed for refurbishment or closed for good, and preparation is underway for events.

Plus, a new Universal Classic Monsters store is on the way and props from the recently closed Shrek 4-D are making their way into the prop shop for sale—including the iconic green ogre-vision 3D glasses themselves! Come with us as we take a photo journey through what’s going on around the park, and check out the video update below for additional visuals.

Welcome to Universal Studios Florida on a nice and mild January day.

Starting our update with a visit to Revenge of the Mummy. While the attraction recently closed for an extended refurbishment, the exit gift shop has remained open.

Named Saraha Traders, it was revealed today that this store will be closing soon to be transformed, temporarily, into a Universal Classic Monsters tribute store.

In addition to the sign along the work walls promoting the upcoming new Monsters Store, a frightening mummy figure was also added outside the shop.

Sahara Traders will likely close in a few days to undergo its transformation into the temporary Universal Monsters store. It is expected to remain as the Monsters store only until Revenge of the Mummy reopens later this summer.

Here is what the store looks like inside now. Sahara Traders is expected to receive a bit of a makeover at the end of the summer, shortly before the ride reopens, in preparation for its grand reopening.

Over at the former location of Shrek 4-D, work walls surround the now closed attraction.

The work walls feature Minions, possibly hinting at the rumored Minions Villain-Con attraction we believe will be replacing the former show.

Looking closer, it appears that the Express entrance sign and the wait time signs have already been removed near the former attraction’s entrance.

The Shrek 4-D gift shop has also closed, but the nearby character meet and greet featuring Donkey, Shrek, and Fiona remains open.

Despite not being able to see what is happening on the other side of the walls, we know that many props and decorations are being removed, because some have already shown up for sale at the Prop Shop elsewhere in the park!

The Williams of Hollywood Prop Shop, located to the left of Mel’s Drive-In, is currently selling props and items from Shrek 4-D.

You can purchase your very own pair of “ogre-vision” 3D glasses from the prop shop. They are $5 each, but will only be available while supplies last.

Props from around the Shrek 3-D queue, like these shields that were hanging on the wall, as well as the Team Member podium from the pre-show, can be purchased at the Prop Shop.

The podium is priced at $4,000, while the shields are $600 each. The coals of the podium glow red when it is plugged in!

Other torture devices and chains from the pre-show are available as well, with more arriving daily.

Outside in this area, two new stars are being prepared to be added to the park’s Walk of Fame.

No announcements have been made on what the stars will be, but some have speculated that one could be for Bill Davis, president of Universal Orlando. He is retiring after 15 years, and they have honored Universal members with a star before.

Nearby, an outdoor stage has gone up. This is likely for Rock the Universe, which is happening next weekend.

All around the park, food booths have started springing up. These are likely being prepared for Mardi Gras, which starts February 5th.

The Hogwarts Express has remained closed for several days now, and is not expected to reopen until, hopefully, by the end of the month.

Universal has not yet issued an official reopening date.

Rumored to be an expansion for the Wizarding World area, so far no changes can be seen at the former Fear Factor Live attraction.

Demolition permits have been filed with Orange County for the removal of the theater, but we are still waiting to see when work may begin.

And lastly, work walls can be seen around the entrance to the KidZone area of the park.

Pavement upkeep work is being done in the courtyard area, but guests can still enter and leave the KidZone land during this work.

That’s all for now, but be sure to pick up your green ogre-vision 3D glasses fast before they sell out! And check out the video for more visuals from today’s update. Subscribe to the news feed to never miss an update!

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  • Angie


    I heard a rumor surrounding the up in coming Beetlejuice movie, that Universal might be bringing back the Beetlejuice Monster Review. Of all the rides/shows that they have closed, this one disappointed me the most! Has anyone heard or learned anything more about this? Or is it just wishful thinking.

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