Universal’s Epic Universe Update: New Permit Details and Construction Progress

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With work happening so quickly at Epic Universe, it’s already time to check in on the rapid progress around the upcoming park. New permit information confirms development on a second hotel for the area. Plus, newly uncovered documents shed some light on one of the park’s many roller coasters.

Let’s check in on the state of construction for all the lands of Epic Universe, and more, in today’s news update. Be sure to check out the video version of this story below for additional visuals.

Official concept art for Epic Universe with speculated lands labeled

Set to open by the summer of 2025 at the latest, Epic Universe is under construction now. Located a couple miles south of the existing Universal Orlando Resort, this new area is so large it is expected to contain multiple hotels of its own, in addition to the new theme park.

New Hotel Permit Details

Official image from Universal Orlando with new hotel location added for reference

Permits for the new Universal hotel to be built across the street from Epic Universe have been updated. Known as Project 912, this particular permit will be for the new resort’s pool area, with the permit listed as “Pool building/pool bar, pool, spa, splash pad and associated hardscape.”

Hotel permit notes describe work for a pool area, Image: fasttrack.ocfl.net

Major work on this new hotel has not yet started but has been rumored to begin before the end of the year. The project 912 hotel is rumored to contain around 750 rooms. It will be located on the corner of Universal Boulevard where the soon-to-be extended Kirkman Road will connect when completed by 2024.

How to Train Your Dragon

Site plan for P903 filed with Orange County, with labels and colors added

We finally have some confirmed details for one of the several roller coasters planned for Epic Universe. According to shipping reports, coaster parts are being shipped from Germany to the United States, and they are listed as part of Project 903. That’s the project number for the land we believe will be based on How to Train Your Dragon.

Bill of Lading from recent coaster shipment, Image: panjiva.com

The reports also describe this project as a “family launch coaster,” and it is being manufactured by Intamin Amusement Rides. That’s the same company that manufactured the Jurassic World VelociCoaster and Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure for Universal Orlando. Hopefully that means we could start to see coaster track show up on site in the coming months!

Wizarding World

Current progress of Wizarding area of Epic Universe, Photo: bioreconstruct

While most work has been happening in Super Nintendo World, a big milestone was hit recently as vertical construction has begun in a second area of the park. This is where we believe they are building a new Wizarding World land.

Vertical construction beginning in Wizarding area of Epic Universe, Photo: bioreconstruct

The structure they are building now is expected to be a ride that takes place within the British Ministry of Magic. While details for this rumored experience are still scarce, we believe the attraction’s entrance will involve guests entering via the Floo network, through large fireplaces. See our recent story for the history of this upcoming ride for more rumored details.

Universal Monsters

Monsters area of Epic Universe, large ride building bottom-left, Photo: bioreconstruct

Across from this area, work continues on foundations and shaping of land for the area we believe will be based on Universal Monsters. The large structure for the land’s main attraction is taking shape. This is rumored to be a KUKA arm dark ride similar to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, (but without the screen domes).

Possible forms around moat area, Photo: bioreconstruct

Just outside the main attraction, concrete forms that may be related to a moat around Dr. Frankenstein’s manor are being constructed. We are still not seeing much movement on the land’s second attraction, which was rumored to have been changed from a theater show to a spinning roller coaster.

Central Hub

Monsters area with hub-facing barbecue restaurant at arrow, Photo: bioreconstruct

Just outside of the Monsters area, work is starting on the first structure to be built within the theme park’s massive hub. This is what we believe will be a barbecue restaurant.

Construction progress of possible barbecue restaurant at Epic Universe, Photo: bioreconstruct

It is shown in concept art and site plans as being positioned just outside of the Monsters area, facing the hub’s large fountain.

Official concept art for Epic Universe highlighting possible barbecue restaurant

Work continues on shaping the area within the center of the park’s hub where we believe a carousel or some other sort of flat ride will be constructed.

Work continuing on central water feature and possible flat ride, Photo: bioreconstruct

Super Nintendo World

Construction progress for Super Nintendo World in Epic Universe, Photo: bioreconstruct

Super Nintendo World continues to see the most work. The Donkey Kong roller coaster area has seen dramatic progress, as foundations are being poured around footings.

Donkey Kong roller coaster area update, Photo: bioreconstruct

Foundations being poured and footings being installed for Donkey Kong, Photo: bioreconstruct

Walls are going up around the perimeter of the Mario Kart ride building.

Arrow at walls going up around Mario Kart ride building, Photo: bioreconstruct

And finally, forms related to the Yoshi’s Adventure ride continue to take shape near the front of the area.

At center, forms related to Yoshi’s Adventure ride, Photo: bioreconstruct

Backstage Area

Backstage areas for Epic Universe seen on right, number 3, Photo: bioreconstruct

Within backstage areas behind the theme park itself, prefabricated walls are being poured and positioned. Once ready, they will be lifted into place to quickly form backstage structures and warehouses.

Close view of warehouse construction at very back of area, Photo: bioreconstruct

In addition to supporting Epic Universe, some of the warehouses in this area are also expected to support the existing Universal Orlando, including one for food and beverage preparation and another for tech services along Sand Lake Road.

Wide view of entire theme park, with backstage area at bottom, Photo: bioreconstruct

A big thanks to Bioreconstruct for providing everyone with the incredible aerial photography. You can follow Bio on Twitter for more photos around all of the Orlando theme parks.

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