Site Plan for Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe Revealed

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Today we’re getting our first look at how Super Nintendo World will be laid out inside of Universal’s Epic Universe!

The new land is set to open in Japan next year, followed by Universal Studios Hollywood and then in Orlando at the new Epic Universe theme park, expected to open in 2023. While those other versions of the land will be opening before Orlando, the Epic Universe variation is the only version expected to open with the third attraction, based on Donkey Kong. Check out the images and more information below.

The Coaster Kings have obtained and shared a recently filed permit image from Orange County, and you should definitely check out their full article here. The permit images show nearly an identical layout for Super Nintendo World as we saw back in 2017, when they were originally going to build the land in the KidZone area of Universal Studios Florida.

As the story goes, the plans for KidZone were canceled and the Super Nintendo World land was instead moved to the new theme park being built a couple miles south of the existing Universal Orlando Resort. Super Nintendo World, or Project 904 as it is known internally, is the first land to have permits filed within the park, which makes sense, since most of the planning has already been completed for the rides in other areas around the world.

The image above shows the site plan for Nintendo at Epic Universe, with color and labels added. The image shows main structures and some concrete only. It does not include themed elements, interior information, or even the outside track elements for the Donkey Kong roller coaster. Some minor changes are apparent from the earlier iteration of the Nintendo plans, namely a slightly different entrance style (green area at top).

The show buildings for the attractions appear to have not changed since earlier iterations of the plans, including the ride buildings for the Mario Kart ride (in red) and the Donkey Kong roller coaster area (in green). The blue area will be themed like the Mushroom Kingdom, and will include the Yoshi family ride, play areas, and a restaurant.

The image above shows the new Nintendo site plan laid onto the development plan for the entire Epic Universe park, giving us an overview of how it will fit into the new theme park. You can see how it will be located near the front of the park, on the left-hand side, similar to the location of Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World, for example.

While not technically announced for Universal’s Epic Universe, Super Nintendo World was announced to be coming to the Universal Orlando Resort at some point in the future. And we could see what appeared to be the land in the official concept art for the new park. While not yet confirmed officially, it’s pretty clear from these site plans, as well as rumors and inside information, that Nintendo is a lock for Epic Universe.

Speculation for where each land will be placed on the concept art

Expected location for each of the lands set on top of permit image

Super Nintendo World at Universal’s Epic Universe is expected to contain three main attractions: Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Mine Kart Madness, and Yoshi’s Adventure. There is also expected to be a quick service restaurant location, gift shops, interactive play areas, gaming elements, and character meet and greets. You can see updated concept art for the new land here, and leaked model photographs for a better look at the different areas including Donkey Kong here.

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Official concept art for Super Nintendo World

Leaked photo of early Super Nintendo World model

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