Fear Factor Live

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World Expo
Duration: 30 mins
No Restrictions to watch show, Must be 18 or older to compete
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Express Pass Available
Don't try this at home! Put yourself to the test at the most extreme audience participation show ever—Fear Factor Live!

This show closes during the months of Halloween Horror Nights.

Perform gravity-defying stunts live in front of thousands as you compete head to head against other guests. Come eye-to-eye with creatures from your nightmares as they creep and crawl across your skin. Or, pulverize contestants from your seat with unexpected audience-induced mayhem. Whether you take part in the stunts or just watch all the action from the audience, it's unscripted, unpredictable, and unlike anything you've ever seen before. You've watched the TV show—now try to survive it.

A casting process is used to select 6 park guests to be contestants in 3 stunts in front of the live audience, with 1 winner for each show. Prizes vary from day to day and include various Universal Studios items ranging from park tickets to hats and T-shirts.

Shows run daily, usually 3-5 shows a day; Crowds are smaller at the first and second-to-last shows. Check park map for times. This show does not usually run during late September through all of October as the stage is re-dressed for Halloween Horror Nights' Bill & Ted show.

Helpful Tip:
An additional 18 volunteers are chosen from the audience to participate in the show at various times. Sit near the front of the theater if you wish to volunteer during the show. Kids can operate water cannons, and anyone 16 or older and volunteer for critter and eating challenges to be performed in between the main contest events.

Participants are chosen to compete in the show 75-minutes prior to show time. You must be 18 years old or older and valid ID is required. You must also weigh at least 110 pounds and no more than 225 to compete (you will be weighed) and you cannot be under 5 feet or over 6 feet 2 inches tall.
Live Action
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Best for Family

Family Guide:
Gross out moments during the eating challenge and some loud noises towards the end are the only concerns, otherwise this show is fine for all ages. You may leave at any time if there are issues.

Fun Facts:
This show replaced the original Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show which ran from 1991 to 2003.

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